Clinical Research Center


The Clinical Research Center (CRC) provides centralized clinical research infrastructure for investigators in multiple disciplines.  The CRC research unit serves pediatric and adult patient-oriented research, including first-in-human studies, mechanistic and integrative physiology, clinical trials, and behavioral studies.  A mobile team of clinical research staff supports investigators with studies conducted at point-of-care sites.


  • Outpatient units providing investigators and research subjects with comfortable surroundings for physical exams, procedures, private interviews and data collection
  • Experienced research staff who work in partnership with investigators to implement and complete protocols
  • A study suite at Weiler Hospital  for lengthy infusion, biopsy and exercise protocols

Location and Contacts

Clinical Research Center

Forchheimer G47; MMC/Moses Research Pavillion 4th Floor


Program Director
Marla Keller, M.D.

Associate Program Director
Frederick Kaskel, M.D., Ph.D.

Administrative Director
Elizabeth Castro

Clinical Staff Director
Minka Chikolareva, RN,BSN,MS