The Biostatistics Shared Resource provides statistical consultation and collaboration to Einstein investigators on all phases of basic science, clinical, translational, observational and clinical research. Faculty and staff have a wide range of methodologic expertise, including clinical trials, epidemiologic methods, survival analysis, statistical genetics and the analysis of microarray experiments.


  • Study design: determination of the appropriate experimental design; selection of study population; outcome definitions; sample size calculations; strategies for data monitoring
  • Protocol and grant development: formulation of hypotheses and specific aims, devising the analytic plan
  • Study conduct: randomization methods, development of data collection instruments, patient tracking and follow-up procedures, interim monitoring for safety and efficacy
  • Data presentation and analysis: identification of appropriate graphical and statistical approaches for presenting, summarizing and analyzing data, including microarray data
  • Assistance in manuscript preparation

Location and Contacts


Belfer 1303


Scientific Director
Xiaonan (Nan) Xue, Ph.D.