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All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.  —Albert Einstein

Einstein’s 1,000+ PhD and MD/PhD alumni have brought the program’s outstanding research training and collegial collaboration into the world’s leading research centers, including the NIH, Brookhaven Laboratories, the National Cancer Institute, Children’s Hospital of Boston, and the Mayo Clinic.

Recent Alumni

Tatjana Trcek Pulisic, PhD, '11
Postdoctoral Fellow, Ruth Lehmann Laboratory, NYU Langone Medical Center 

Koenraad Van Doorslaer, PhD
Visiting Fellow, National Institutes of Health

Paul Riegelhaupt, MD, PhD
University of California San Francisco Anesthesia Residency Program 

Distinguished Alumni

Carl Franzblau PhD, '62
Professor and Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry and Associate Dean of the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences at Boston University School of Medicine
2009 Distinguished Alumni  

Charles S. Peskin, PhD, '72
Silver Professor; Professor of Mathematics Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
2011 Distinguished Alumni

Roy S. Wu, PhD, '72
Associate Branch Chief, Clinical Grants and Contracts Branch (CGCB), CTEP/NCI, National Institutes of Health
2012 Distinguished Alumni

Nita J. Maihle, Ph.D. ‘83
Professor, Departments of OB/Gyn & Reproductive Sciences and Pathology Yale University School of Medicine
2013 Distinguished Alumni

Danny Reinberg, PhD, '82
HHMI Investigator (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) and Professor, Department of Biochemistry, New York University School of Medicine
2014 Distinguished Alumni

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