Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR)

The New Scholarly Concentration Program for First Year Medical Students


The SOAR Program is a structured experience of mentor–guided creative discovery that develops a student’s analytic, critical thinking, and leadership skills, and leads to a research paper or other type of capstone project. The SOAR experience will broaden students’ perspectives of medicine beyond the core medical school curriculum, capture their passion, and confer mastery of knowledge and methodology relevant to their concentration.

SOAR is a new Einstein program that offers medical students the opportunity to select a concentration area and work closely with a mentor to develop and complete a project resulting in a paper or capstone project. These concentrations have been developed by dedicated faculty members who will oversee the identification of a mentor and a project, as well as oversee your progress and provide additional mentoring. These concentration directors have developed programs that provide hands-on experience and curricular elements. SOAR students receive intensive mentoring within a chosen concentration. They will become part of the mentor’s research team, enjoy a sense of continuity throughout the 4 years of medical school, and maintain a connection with their SOAR project. Essentially your concentration becomes your SOAR home. Thus far, there are eight concentrations, but we expect the program to expand in the future.


SOAR Elements

  • Enhanced mentoring in field of your choosing.
  • Become part of a cohort of SOAR students with shared seminars and other events.
  • Enjoy workshops and seminars including student works-in-progress, public speaking, enhanced library skills, and more.
  • Completion of your SOAR paper or capstone project renders you eligible to graduate with distinction.
  • Stipends for summer research and research electives. 

SOAR Commitments

  • SUMMER 2014 is the time to focus on project planning with your mentor.
  • Participate in any required concentration-specific courses or other structured experiences during the summer of 2014 and beyond.
  • Stay in regular contact with your mentor (e.g., at least monthly).
  • Submit an abstract of your work at regional and national research meetings. 
  • Present your work at student works-in-progress sessions.
  • Attend SOAR seminars.
  • RESEARCH ELECTIVE 2016-17 will be a time to complete your SOAR paper or capstone project.
  • Submit your SOAR paper or capstone project report in March 2017. 
  • Participate in the Student Research Symposium in May 2017.


Applications for SOAR are due December 1st

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