BxCREED Faculty Development Fellowship

In August 2007, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine received a 5-year renewal award from the NIH’s National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities to continue its Center of Excellence in Partnerships for Community Outreach, Research on Health Disparities, and Training (Project EXPORT).  Objectives of the Bronx CREED Center grant program are summarized in its title:  to reduce and eliminate ethnic and racial health disparities through research and education.  The Center’s activities include developing and supporting research to reduce health disparities and educating and training of future researchers, health professionals, and students on health disparities.

Again, Bronx CREED will continue to sponsor its Health Disparities Faculty Development Fellowship for two years. The Fellow will enroll in the Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP) and complete its Master’s degree program in Clinical Research Methods with full tuition paid by Bronx CREED (or offer a compelling research training alternative). The Fellow will participate in reviewing grant applications to the Bronx CREED, moderating educational seminars, such as the Friday Forum, and will be invited to grantsmanship, teaching portfolio, and other faculty development workshops.

Each applicant must have: 

  • A clinical doctoral degree (e.g., MD, DDS, DO, PharmD, PsyD, or PhD);
  • Strong interest in and aptitude for clinical research;
  • Interest in improving health care disparities;
  • Appointment as a faculty member at an Einstein-affiliated institution for the two years of the fellowship; and
  • A detailed written commitment letter of support from their Department (e.g., Chair and/or Division Chief) attesting that all necessary resources will be available, including office space, computer, and protected time (i.e., reduction in clinical responsibilities).

To apply for the Fellowship beginning in July 2011, please submit to the address provided your curriculum vitae, two letters of support addressing your potential for a career in clinical research and academic medicine, and a completed BRONX CREED application.

Prospective applicants must also complete the CRTP Application Form. You can call the CRTP Office (718) 430-2080) or visit the CRTP website for more information.

Please contact the Training Core Director for any questions regarding this announcement.  Signed copies of all application materials must be received by MARCH 1, 2011.


Janice Barnhart, MD, MS
Director, Bronx CREED Research Training Core

Belfer Building—Room 1306A
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461

Telephone: 718.430.2317
Fax: 718.430.8780 

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