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The Success of Community Health Centers in Reducing & Eliminating Ethnic & Racial Health Care Disparities
Presented by Hal Strelnick, MD
Director, Institute for Community and Collaborative Health
Principal Investigator, Bronx Center to Reduce and Eliminate Ethnic and Racial Health Disparities (Bronx CREED)
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

An Overview of Health Disparities in the Bronx 
Presented by Neil Calman, MD, President
The Institute for Urban Family Health

Neighborhood Disparities and Cardiovascular Health in New York
Presented by Jing Fang, PhD
Department of Epidemiology and Population Health
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Disparities in Perinatal Health Outcomes 
Presented by Karla Damus, RN, MSPH, PhD
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health
Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Advanced Diabetes Symposium (Sessions 1-3)

Session 1 

Emerging Trends in Diabetes Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors
Presented by Joel Zonsein, MD
Director, Clinical Diabetes Center
Montefiore Medical Center

Makers of Increased Cardiovascular Risk
Presented by Meredith Hawkins, MD
Department of Medicine, Endocrinology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

NOTE: Dr. Meredith Hawkins' presentation begins immediately after Dr. Zonszein's presentation. Scroll down the real player timeline menu just past 74) PowerPoint and click on Powerpoint 1), 1:05:45. 


Session 2 

Hypertension in Diabetes in the African American Population: Focus on the High Risk Patient
Presented by Rita Louard, MD
Department of Family Medicine, Endocrinology
Montefiore Medical Center


Session 3  

Making Sense of Diet Recommendations: Fad vs. Fat
Presented by Judie Wylie-Rosett, EdD, RD
Division Head, Division of Health, Behavior & Nutrition
Department of Epidemiology & Population Health
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Strategies in the Treatment of Obesity
Presented by Julio Teixeira, MD, FACS
Montefiore Medical Center 

NOTE: Dr. Julio Teixeira's presentation starts immediately after Dr. Wylie-Rosett's presentation. Scroll down the real player timeline menu just past 42) Diabetes Nutrition... 49:28 and click on 1) Strategies in the... 50:01. 

Motivating Health Behaviors: New Tools for Your Toolbox
Presented by Elizabeth Walker, DNSc, RN, CDE
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

NOTE: Dr. Elizabeth Walker's presentation starts after Dr. Julio Teixeira's presentation. Scroll down the real player timeline menu to 1)Motivating Healthy…. 1:48:35 and click. 

Addressing Cross-Cultural Issues and Health Care Disparities: A Pre-Conference Symposium of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, 10/28/2004
(Sessions 1-3)

Session I: 

Special Populations and Health Care Disparities 
Presented by Evelyn L. Lewis & Clark, MD, MA, Deputy Director
Uniformed Services University, Center for Health Disparities Research and Education


Session II: 

Physician Workforce – Pipeline into Health Professions Careers 
Presented by Jeannette E. South-Paul, MD, Chair, Dept. of Family Medicine
University of Pittsburgh

The Healthier New Brunswick 2010 Initiative 
Presented by Denise V. Rodgers, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Community Health
UMDNJ, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


Session III: 

Developing Cultural Competency in Complex Systems: Educational and Evaluation Strategies 
Presented by Robert C. Like, MD, MS
Center for Healthy Families and Cultural Diversity, Department of Family Medicine
UMDNJ, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

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