Center Cores

Our Cores represent the central approaches we focus on to help fulfill our mission. They are: 

Community Outreach Core

  • Strengthens the collaborations among Bronx CREED Community Partners.
  • Expands local capacity for community participatory research, community outreach, and information dissemination.
  • Integrates Bronx CREED into the many underserved communities of the Bronx through culturally- and linguistically- appropriate information dissemination, and community-academic partnerships.
  • Bronx Faith and Medicine Project: This outreach program is a collaboration where physicians and people of faith can come together to broaden and deepen the relationship with their community through increased dialogue, greater awareness, new ideas, and potential solutions about access to health care for the uninsured and disenfranchised in the Bronx.

Administrative Core

  • Facilitates, supports, and coordinates the Bronx Center to Reduce & Eliminate Ethnic & Racial Health Disparities (Bronx CREED) Cores for Research, Research Training, Community Outreach and Information Dissemination (COAID), Health Disparities Education, and Shared Resources.
  • Facilitates, supports, and coordinates Bronx CREED's Executive Committee and Coordinating Council among its key personnel and organizational and community partners.
  • Convenes the Bronx CREED External Program Advisory Committee and establish its policies and procedures in strategic planning, performance evaluation, and research project selection.
  • Promotes minority leadership within Bronx CREED and among its partners.
  • Integrates the Institute for Community and Collaborative Health's Community Advisory Board, the Hispanic Center of Excellence's Core Faculty and its Fellows, and the Diabetes Research and Training Center's Prevention and Control Division into the on-going development and operations of Bronx CREED.

Research Core

  • Focuses on the Center's mission to reduce and eliminate ethnic and racial health disparities through its research and pilot projects that are aimed at reducing the impact of diabetes and heart disease on minority residents of the Bronx.

Education Core

  • Develops, implements, delivers, and evaluates curricula for all levels of student and professional education and faculty development on minority health disparities.
  • Supports the Division of Equity in Women’s and Perinatal Health (DEW Point Training Center) within the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health as a national model for integrating health disparities education and training.

Research Training Core

  • Increases the number of health professionals that pursue careers in health disparities research.
  • Expands and supports the Minority Student Summer Research Opportunity Program.
  • Supports the new Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH) at Lehman College-CUNY.

Shared Resources

  • Provides quantitative methodological and biostatistical consultation in research design, analysis, data management, and professional communications for Bronx CREED members and co-investigators.
  • Provides qualitative research methodology consultation for data collection methods, research design, data management and analysis, and professional communications for Bronx CREED members and co-investigators.

Community Outreach Core

 Gladys Valdivieso, Core Director

Rev. Christine Jackson, Director
Bronx Faith and Medicine 


Administrative Core

Dr. Hal Strelnick, Core Director
Principal Investigator 

Dr. Joel Zonszein
Scientific Director 

Dr. Arthur Blank

Mona Weinberger
Department Administrator 

Paul Meissner


Research Core

Dr. Joel Zonszein, Core Director 


Education Core

Dr. Nereida Correa, Core Director 

Shoshana Silberman, NP
Education Coordinator 


Research Training Core

Dr. Janice Barnhart, Core Director 


Shared Resources

Dr. Kathy Freeman, Core Director
Quantitative Methods 

Dr. Kate McCoy
Qualitative Methods 

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