Ph.D. mentoring

Ph.D. Alumni Network

Einstein proudly acknowledges the more than 1,100 alumni members who have earned (Ph.D.) doctorates. Our distinguished Ph.D. alumni enjoy high-level positions in a wide spectrum of career paths, including academia, business, industry and communications. We love having Einstein graduates back on campus, talking about their science and how they navigated their career paths. Current graduate students enjoy learning from the experiences of our Ph.D. alumni and building professional relationships with them. The new Ph.D. Alumni Network is integral to this project, as our alumni spark ideas about future careers and how our students can get there from here. We can all learn from, and mentor, each other!

If you want further information about the Ph.D. Alumni Network, please contact Einstein’s Graduate Division at a special alumni e-mail address: Also, when you click on “Alumni” on our new website:, you can fill out and submit an alumni information form. We look forward to your participation in the Ph.D. Alumni Network!

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