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Helpful links for the new NIH FORM E:
The use of NIH Form E is now mandatory. You may find the links below helpful: 
 Video of how to use New Human Subjects form 

General Application Guide: FORM E 
List of changes with new NIH Forms (Form E, used for grants with deadline of 1/25/18 and beyond)
Form E Annotated Forms 
New Human Subjects Rules/Forms 


NIH Grants Policy Statement  New Biosketch Requirements  *SciENcv 


NIH Home Page
Office of the Director
Office of Research Integrity
Office of Extramural Research

 NIHInstitutes, Centers & Offices
HHS Personnel
NIH Personnel

NIH eRA Commons  

eRA Training Page
Federal Grant Policy
Grant Management
Grants Tutorial (NIAID)
NRSA Guidelines

NIH Reporter
Ethical Writing
Funding Statistics
Glossary of NIH Terms
NIH Acronyms
NIH Publications

Annotated Forms: Version E
Appendix Materials: Limits
Direct Cost Caps Exclude Sub-Award Indirects
Direct Cost Request (for Grants over $500K)
Font Size
Human Subjects Education 

Inactive Years in a Subaward
Modular Grants
Monthly Deadlines for Specific FOAs
Multiple PI Option
Multi-Project Grants: How they are assembled at NIH
NIH Guide
Page Limits
Preparing Clinical Research Applications/Requirements for Grants & Contracts
Public Access Policy (How to Comply)
Receipt Policy
Resource Sharing
Salary Cap
Submission of Supplemental Grant Application Materials
Submission of Video Materials 
Supplements--Administrative, Research, Revision (Competitive)
Transfering a Grant to Another Institution 

 RPPR User Manual (non-competing progress reports) 
SF424 Application Guide  (Form E)


Activity Codes
K-Awards Fellowships
Training Grants   Training Grant Table Guidance
Supplements to Promote Diversity
Small Business Funding (SBIR/STTR)
International Collaborations
Biodefense Funding
NIH Loan Repayment Program
New and Early Stage Investigators 

Paylines/Success Rates
Insiders Guide to Peer Review
Mock Study Section Videos
CSR Home Page
Primer for New Applicants
NIH Review Process (PDF)
Policies & Procedures
Study Section Rosters
New Investigator Review Guidelines 


RPPR:Research Performance Progress Reports Page 
eRA Commons YouTube Channel 
Transfering a Grant to Another Institution 

Progress Report Queries  
Einstein = 10053556  "old" Einstein:10039582
MMC = 5451101  


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Contact Info

Center for Scientific Review (CSR) Referral Office:
(grant submission, referral, dual review info) 

To ask grant-related questions, email or call:
Grants Info (formerly ASK NIH)
Division of Extramural Outreach and Information Resources
Office of Extramural Research
National Institutes of Health

tel: 301.945.7573


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