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Facilitate highest quality animal biomedical research and teaching while ensuring the most humane care possible and compliance with all animal welfare and health and safety policies and regulations. To achieve this, health care for experimental animals at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University (Einstein) is provided by the IAS veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Also, the IAS coordinates the purchase of experimental animals at Einstein and provides animal husbandry services

Please note that in order to purchase animals you must have an approved animal use protocol. Protocols are reviewed and approved by the IACUC

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Institute for Animal Studies
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Telephone: 718.839.7100
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Animal Welfare Policy

The IACUC is charged with investigating any reports concerning the welfare, care and treatment of research animals from members of the Einstein community or from individuals outside of Einstein. To report an animal welfare concern, you may call or submit an e-mail to any of the IACUC members. Members’ names, telephone numbers and E-mail addresses are provided at: IACUC Members. All reports are held in strict confidence and no employee shall be subject to discrimination or reprisal for reporting animal welfare concerns. 

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