Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Policy Development

Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein) adheres to all applicable federal, state, local and institutional laws, standards, and guidelines designed to ensure humane use of animals in research, testing, and teaching. Such laws, standards, and guidelines include but are not limited to: The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, The Animal Welfare Act, PHS Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and Learning Tool for PHS Policy - online tutorial developed by OLAW on Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (PHS Policy).


Because, many of the standards and guidelines are broad in scope, there is leeway to refine and adapt them for implementation for each program. Einstein’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) develops policies on animal research that implement the guidelines specifically for programmatic needs at this institution.  Also, below please see Einstein policies/guidelines regarding animal research.


Policy #9801 Use of Wire Bottomed (suspended) Cages for Rodents 

Policy #9802 Avoiding Unnecessary Pain or Distress in animals 

Policy #9803 Bedding Changes for Rodents in the Immediate Post-Partum Period 

Policy # 9901 Overcrowded Cages 

Policy # 9902 Use of Hazardous Agents in Experimental Animals 

Policy # 9903 Cervical Dislocation as a Method of Euthanasia 

Policy # 9904 When may drugs be given by intraperitoneal (IP) injection?   

Policy # 9905 Requirements for Performance of Survival Surgery in Rodents   

Policy # 9906 Euthanasia  

Policy # 9907 Exercise for Dogs 

Policy # 0001 and 0001-B were replaced by Policies #2011-2 and 2011-3

Policy # 0002 Timetable for Responses to Protocol Submissions and Requests for Revisions   

Policy # 0101 "Ordering, Storage and Use of Controlled Substances in Animals" 

Policy # 0102 Access to Animal Housing Facilities 

Policy # 0103 Euthanasia of Moribund Animals 

Policy # 0104 Housing Experimental Animals in the Laboratory for More Than 12 Hours 

Policy # 0105 Care of Animals with Experimental Tumors  

Policy # 0106 Provision of Special or Treated Feed or Water to Experimental Animals 

Policy # 0107 Training Requirements for Animal Users at Einstein 

Policy # 0108 Alleviation of Pain and Distress in Animals 

Policy # 0201 Identification of Research Animals; Euthanasia of Animals with Inadequate Identification 

Policy # 0202 Environmental Enrichment of Rodents and Rabbits 

Policy # 0203 Use of Volatile Anesthetics for Animals 

Policy # 0301 Use of Sterile Materials for Implantation or Injection into Experimental Animals 

Policy # 0302 Status of Experimental Animals Remaining at Einstein After the Departure of the Principal Investigator 

Policy # 0401 Production of Transgenic/Genetically Modified Mice 

Policy # 0402 Fertilized and Embryonated Avian Eggs 

Policy # 0601 Primate Enrichment Policy  

Policy # 0701 Documents needed for Animal Use Protocol in which all Animal Works are being Performed outside Einstein  

Policy # 2009-1 Animal Studies Performed by Core Service Laboratories  

Policy # 2010-1 Recovery of Costs Associated with Satellite Rodent Housing (Rodents Housed in Laboratories or Areas Outside the IAS Facilities  

Policy # 2011-1 SOP for Use of Core Services for Non-Einstein Animal Users  

Policy # 2011-2 Tail Clipping Mice and Rats for Genotyping  

Policy # 2011-3 Toe Clipping Mice and Rats  

Policy # 2011-4 Special Monitoring Requirements  

Policy # 2012-01 Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds in Animal Research 

Policy #2013-01 Provision of Special Husbandry and Exemptions from Standard Husbandry in Experimental Animals

Policy #2016-01 Approved Animal Numbers and Policy for Handling Animal Acquisition Requests that Will Exceed the Current Available Balance

Policy #2017-01 IACUC & IAS Recommendations for Use of Human and Animal Derived Biologicals (Tissue, Cells, and Cells Lines) in Live Animals


Policy Regarding Documentation Required to Obtain Approval Letter for Experimentation Performed Outside of Einstein 

Institutional Biosafety Committee Guidlines applicable to minors working with animals 

Visiting Scientists 

Grant/Proposal Application and IACUC Congruency 

Stevens Amendment and Requirements for Disclosure of Federal Funding  

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