Office of Grant Support

Workshops and Seminars

OGS Orientation  

New Orientation Presentation  (2019)

Overview of Services Provided by the Office of Grant Support: How to Navigate the Grant Application Process (12/1-2, 2015)

Cayuse and Budget 

Cayuse Application and Budget Development 

Financial Management (May, 2019)

Preparation of Grant Applications in Cayuse (12/3/15)  

Development and Electronic Submission of Grant Applications Using Cayuse  (10/10/16)


Training Workshops for Predocs and Postdocs  

Everything Postdocs Need to Know About Grants (2019)

Getting Your Fellowship: Funding Opportunities and Grant Development  

Getting Your Fellowship: Role of Office of Grant Support  

NIH Fellowships: Everything You Need to Know (3/20/18)

Getting your Fellowship: Federal and Foundation Funding 

External Funding-New Faculty Orientation  


Grant Writing Workshops  

Grant Writing Workshop presented by George Gopen.   2019

Dr. Tanya Dragic Grant Writing Seminar  with Intro: Preparing for a Grant Submission (Dr. Dhanonjoy C. Saha, presenter) (November 21, 2019)

Better Grant Proposals, Better Research!   (July, 2018)


Diversity and Minority Funding Opportunities  

 Minority and Diversity Grants: Opportunities and Resources for Students and Trainees (2019) 

Enhancing Diversity in Research Training (10/31/2018)  



Recent NIH Changes  (2019)

NIH Application Changes (2019)

Pediatrics Seminar  

Funding Opportunities  

New Changes in NIH Grant Application (12/16/15) 


OGS:  Providing Insights into Grant Writing for Achieving Best Results 


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