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HIV Cure Research: Radioimmunotherapy Explained by Whiteboard Animation

Graduate student Dina Tsukrov uses whiteboard animations to explain how radioimmunotherapy (RIT) is being used in HIV cure research. Currently used antiretroviral therapy (ART) can suppress HIV by preventing the virus from infecting new cells -- but ART cannot kill cells that are already infected. Using blood from people infected with HIV, Dina's initial research found that RIT can kill infected cells. Watch RIT, ART, HIV and HIV-infected cells come to life through whiteboard animations. Dina also discusses her relationship with mentor Ekaterina Dadachova, Ph.D., professor of radiology at Einstein. The research was done in collaboration with Barry Zingman, M.D. and the Montefiore Center for Positive Living. Graduate student Michael Beckert provided the illustrations. (September 09, 2015)
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