Einstein Community Health Outreach

ECHO Board

Einstein Student Leadership Clinical Board

Executive Clinic Chair
Jessica Faiz

Chair of Clinical Coordination
Alex Petti

Chair of Clinical Teams
Gila Hoffman and Daniel Santos

Chair of Clinical Volunteers 
Aaron Praiss and Carly Hirschberg

Continuity Chair
Marika Osterbur



Einstein Student Leadership Pre-Clinical Board

Project Director 
Gina Chang

Weekly Coordinators
Henna Boolchandani and Sharan Shah

Communications Officer
Mary-Kate Amato

Development Officer
Brandon De Ruiter

Finance Officer
Alex Kreisman

Referrals Coordinators
Erica Carson and Timothy Truong

Patient Advocate Coordinators
Keara English and Noah Chodos

Women’s Health Coordinator
Kelly McNally

HIV Counselor Coordinator
Joan Park

Labs Coordinators
Kieran Seay and Robert Bortz

Front Desk Coordinators
Aaron Lam and Henry Yang

Interpreter Coordinators
Alon Mazori and Virginia Folgado Marco

Pre-Clinical Scheduling Coordinator
Ricki Korff

Quality Improvement Coordinator
Maxim Maron

Community Outreach Coordinators
Colin Pierce and Ethan Hochheiser


IUFH Staff

ECHO Medical Directors
Drs. Amarilys Cortijo and Sarah C. Nosal 

President IUFH
Neil Calman

Maxine Galub

Social Work Contact
Virna Little



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