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Dr. Andrei Iacobas
Location: Kennedy 915C

Dr. Sanda Iacobas
Location: Kennedy 915C


Ms. Elaine Iandoli
Location: Belfer 905A
Communications & Public Affairs

Mr. Christopher Iannantuoni
Location: Belfer 905A
Communications & Public Affairs


Ms. Alma Idehen
Location: Block 436
Family & Social Medicine

Omamuyovwi Ijomone
Location: Forchheimer 209
Molecular Pharmacology


Dr. Haejin In
Location: Block 109

Infectious Diseases


Information Technology Services (ITS Administrative)

Information Technology Services (ITS)


Dr. Karen Inghilterra
Location: Jacobi Bldg. 5
Psychiatry & Behavorial Sciences

Institute for Aging Research


Institute for Animal Studies

Institute for Clinical Translational Research


Institute for Stem Cell Research
Location: Price 153

Institutional Review Board


International Services

Mr. Niloy Iqbal
Location: Ullmann 521
Developmental & Molecular Biology


Dr. Carmen Isasi
Location: Belfer 1308D
Epidemiology & Population Health

Dr. Izumi Ishigami
Location: Ullmann 313
Physiology & Biophysics


Dr. Keisuke Ito
Location: PRice 102
Stem Cell Research

ITS Help Desk
Location: YU/Belfer Hall 610
Information Technology Services


Faculty Directory Directory

Dale Abadir

Dale Abadir
Tel: 914.937.5500

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