Proteomics Core

Proteomics Core


Contact Info

Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Ullmann 403
Phone: Edward Nieves, 718.430.3476

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The Proteomics Facility, supported by the Laboratory for Macromolecular Analysis and Proteomics (LMAP), provides Einstein researchers with a comprehensive mass spectrometry resource for analysis of proteins, peptides, carbohydrates, lipids and unknowns. Expert staff scientists are available to help plan and execute a successful proteomics based analysis.

Collaborative, funded projects between LMAP scientists and Einstein investigators include programs in: proteomics of hepatic neoplasia, target discovery in waterborne parasites, tubulin proteomics, and head and neck cancer


  • MALDI-TOF and ESI mass spectrometry
  • Identification of components of protein complexes
  • Posttranslational modifications of proteins
  • Spatial localization of molecules by imaging (in situ) mass spectrometry
  • Protocols and training in methods, data acquisition, data analysis
  • Quantitative proteomics using SILAC, SILAM, 18O, iTRAQ and label-free methods
  • Study of protein dynamics and biomolecular interactions using hydrogen/deuterium exchange-mass spectrometry
  • Confirmation of synthetic and recombinant molecules
  • High-resolution analysis by Orbitrap Velos of metabolites, drugs, peptides and small molecules
  • MRM assays and pharmacokinetics

Service Requests

Please contact us in the early stages of experimental design to ensure the best data acquisition and analysis. Before bringing samples to the facility, please visit our iLab page which will provide you with pricing for all available services.

Training and Open Access Lab

The majority of MS experiments are fully automated and therefore, only the HPLC 1100 is available for open access. If you have been carrying out MS experiments with any member of the LMAP staff scientists, we are happy to train a qualified student, postdoctoral fellow, or technician to carry out effective bioinformatics searches. This program has also been highly successful for members of several Einstein laboratories.


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