Analytical Imaging Facility

Image Analysis

The AIF supports several image analysis packages that can be used for visualization, quantification and restoration of light microscope and electron microscopy image data. The AIF advises and trains users on proper ways to generate data and perform quantitative data analysis on their own. Image analysis can also be conducted on an assisted basis by the AIF staff.


Equipment analysis volocity

3D Visualization, Quantification and Restoration

Visualize 2D or 3D fluorescence images. View your 3D sample from any direction. Quantify fluorescent intensities, shapes, volumes and distances. Relate cellular structure to function. Deconvolve epi-fluorescent data sets. Convert 3D time-lapse data into movies.

  • Volocity  – (PerkinElmer)
  •  Imaris  – (Bitplane Scientific)
  • SoftWoRx  – (Applied Precision)

    All three available through AIF license.


    2D Visualization and Quantification

    Visualize and quantify simple 2D data sets. Many plugins available on-line.

    3D Electron Microscopy reconstruction

    Make 3D tomographic reconstructions of EM sections.

    • IMOD –Free (The Boulder Laboratory)



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