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The Office of Research Computing (ORC) is charged with providing a state-of-the-art Information Technology platform that facilitates the acquisition, storage, processing and analysis of scientific data at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. That includes the evaluation, selection and implementation of new computing resources (both hardware and software). Where applicable, it might also involve the programming, scripting and pipelining of algorithms, as well as the installation, and configuration of software.

Research Computing collaborates with other entities within Einstein that both use and deliver information technology services. Specifically, investigators need support for data collection, storage, security, retrieval, distribution, integration, and visualization. ORC helps coordinate investments in hardware and provides more comprehensive support for IT-intensive researchers. We intend to optimize systems, connectivity and to minimize redundancy through continued integration of research data, applications, and processes.

Strategic Objectives:  

  1. Create a new computer infrastructure in the Van Etten Data Center to support Einstein’s research.
  2. Enhance network capability throughout the Einstein campus, allowing reliable and fast access to data.
  3. Enable secure storage, retrieval, distribution and sharing of research data.
  4. Help expand and maximize the usage of tools for processing and analyzing research data.
  5. Coordinate the licensing of critical software that impacts a significant number of laboratories.
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