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Albert Einstein College of Medicine owns several apartment buildings on or near the campus, including 1579 Rhinelander Avenue, which is reserved for postdoctoral researchers and their families. Postdoctoral researchers are allowed to occupy an apartment in Einstein housing for a maximum of three years, as described in the policy below.

All Einstein housing is managed by the Einstein housing office and all occupancy is subject to the policies and procedures outlined in the Housing Policy Handbook, a copy of which is available in the housing office.

Many postdoctoral researchers rent apartments in privately owned buildings in the neighborhood.

B. Policy Regarding the Length of Occupancy in Einstein Housing by Postdoctoral Researchers

Preamble: This policy has been developed with the goal of making available, to the extent possible, on-campus housing to new postdoctoral researchers. It is felt that postdoctoral researchers who are staying at Einstein beyond three years have had the opportunity to become familiar with the area and to locate housing within the community.


Postdoctoral researchers are eligible for Einstein housing if they meet all of the following criteria:

1. hold the Einstein title of research fellow on a full-time basis;
2. are based on the main campus of Einstein;
3. are compensated by Einstein or directly by a funding source or sponsoring agency; and
4. are within the first four years of initial postdoctoral appointment at Einstein.

Because the number of postdoctoral researchers who desire to live in Einstein housing exceeds the availability of apartments, meeting all eligibility criteria does not guarantee that an apartment will be made available. NOTE: The sharing of Einstein postdoctoral apartments is only permitted among eligible individuals from the housing waiting list, with authorization from the Belfer Institute. The unauthorized sharing of an apartment in 1579 Rhinelander may result in a termination of the occupancy agreement of the authorized tenant.

Limits on Length of Occupancy:

1. Postdoctoral researchers who move into Einstein housing are limited to a one-time term of occupancy of three consecutive years. Postdoctoral researchers who elect to vacate Einstein housing before the expiration of their three-year terms of occupancy are not eligible to reapply.

2. Occupancy in Einstein housing is limited to three years per family. A postdoctoral researcher whose spouse is also a postdoctoral researcher at Einstein has a total allowable term of occupancy of three years.

3. An individual occupying an Einstein apartment whose postdoctoral appointment is terminated for any reason, or who receives a promotion to a faculty rank, is no longer eligible to reside in Einstein housing and is required to vacate within 60 days of the termination/promotion date. EXCEPTION: If the spouse of the terminated/promoted postdoctoral researcher also holds a postdoctoral appointment at Einstein, the family may continue to occupy its Einstein apartment until the expiration date of its three-year term, provided the spouse remains at Einstein in a full-time postdoctoral capacity.

4. Occupancy under this policy applies only to time spent as a postdoctoral researcher; occupancy as an Einstein graduate student does not count toward the three-year limit.

5. This policy applies to occupancy by postdoctoral researchers of apartments in any Einstein housing facility, including apartments in the neighborhood leased by Einstein and sublet to postdoctoral researchers.

C. Procedures

The Belfer Institute office maintains the postdoctoral waiting list for on-campus housing. The list includes all eligible postdoctoral researchers already at Einstein who wish to reside in Einstein housing, as well as the names of eligible postdoctoral researchers whose appointments have not yet started. The Belfer Institute and the housing office follow this list when offering vacant apartments to postdoctoral researchers.

For a postdoctoral researcher to get on the waiting list, the housing eligibility form must be completed, signed and dated by the principal investigator and departmental administrator to verify eligibility as a research fellow, and submitted to the Belfer Institute office with a copy of the postdoctoral researcher's C.V. The Belfer Institute office will verify eligibility, add the name to the waiting list and forward the approved form to the housing office.

For your convenience, you may print copies of the Housing Eligibility Form (pdf) directly from this website. 

The eligibility form is a PDF file and requires Acrobat Reader to open it. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click on the icon to the right.Get Acrobat Reader 

For the addition to the list of an individual who has not yet arrived, the eligibility form, C.V. and signed letter of acceptance of the position must be provided. A new postdoctoral researcher will not be eligible to be offered an apartment until the Belfer Institute has verified that the arriving postdoctoral researcher has received his or her graduate degree or has provided acceptable documentation from the degree-granting institution that all requirements for receiving the degree have been satisfied.

Once a postdoctoral researcher is on the official waiting list, the Belfer Institute is responsible for notification of availability, while the Einstein housing office handles the rental process. The housing office is located on the first floor of 1935 Eastchester Road and can be reached at 718.430.3552.

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rev. 6/12/15

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