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Price, Variety and Junk Food: Study Finds Urban Farmers' Markets May Fall Short Compared to Neighborhood Stores

Price, Variety and Junk Food: Study Finds Urban Farmers' Markets May Fall Short Compared to Neighborhood Stores


March 26, 2015—(BRONX, NY)—Farmers' markets located in urban areas may not contribute positively to nutrition or health according to researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University and Montefiore Medical Center. Their study, published online in the journal Appetite in February, is the first to itemize farmers' market ...read more

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Smoking & Living in the U.S. — Studies show that Hispanic/Latino adults born in the U.S. have been found to smoke more than those born abroad. Nearly 70 percent of smokers start smoking during adolescence, so Dr. Robert Kaplan and colleagues hypothesized young Hispanics/Latinos born in the U.S. might be at increased risk for taking up smoking compared to... read more


Interesting Development — In normal cells, tumor suppressor genes prevent cancer by deterring cell replication or promoting controlled cell death. But tumors can form when tumor suppressor genes become inactivated or lost. Until recently, little was known about how tumor-suppressor genes in the Salvador-Warts-Hippo pathway (SWH) function in normal cells. In the January 8, 2015 issue of Developmental Cell, read more


Treating Atrial Fibrillation — Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a condition that produces rapid and irregular heartbeats, and increases the risk for stroke and death. Treatments for AF include medical therapy, cardiac catheterization ablation or surgery.  Ablation and surgery scar areas of heart tissue and can cure AF. Many AF patients in need of heart valve surgery may benefit from an AF procedure to... read more

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Outsmarting Ebola

Outsmarting Ebola

Using 3-D animations, Dr. Kartik Chandran explains the strategies he and his colleagues are using to develop treatments for Ebola infections. See how the virus enters a cell and how it could be blocked.

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Dr. Joe Verghese

Dr. Joe Verghese
  • Alzheimer's disease/dementia
  • Gait/mobility

Dr. Verghese is an expert on aging who assesses how diseases and aging affect cognitive ability and mobility in older ...read more

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