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Marathon Running: The Macroevolution and Continued Adaptation of a “Uniquely Human Trait”
Anne Kessler
EJBM. 2017; 32:E1–4.
» [PDF]

The Time for State-Based Healthcare Reform
Suhas Gondi, Kavita K. Patel, MD, MS, William A. Peck, MD
EJBM. 2017; 32:E5–12.
» [PDF]

Bright Light Therapy: Seasonal Affective Disorder and Beyond
Philip D. Campbell, MSc, Ann M. Miller, MD, PhD, Mary E. Woesner, MD
EJBM. 2017; 32:E1325.
» [PDF]

Subacute L5 Paresis Following a Capoeira Presentation
José Pedro Marques, MD, Diogo Moura, MD, Amílcar Cordeiro, MD, João Páscoa Pinheiro, PhD
EJBM. 2017; 32:E26–31.
» [PDF]

Rethinking Research Conventions of Perinatal Complications in Diabetic Pregnancy
Ariel Lee, Logan Vander Woude, Cyril Blavo
EJBM. 2017; 32:E32-38.
» [PDF]

Bethany G. Pasko
EJBM. 2017; 32:E39.
» [PDF]

Health Between Two Universes: The Search for a Treatment Through the Umbanda

Michelangelo Giampaoli
EJBM. 2017; 32:E40-51
» [PDF]

Neurology and the Neurologist in Saul Bellow’s Ravelstein
Matthew S. Robbins, MD
EJBM. 2017; 32:E52-55
» [PDF]

Variation among medical training programs
Peter A. Kahn, MD, MPH, ThM, Sarah K. Abbett, MD, MPH, Tova M. Gardin, MD, MPP
EJBM. 2017;32:E56-64
» [PDF]

Where the Food Is: Diabetes in Pregnancy and Proximity to Healthy and Unhealthy Food Sources in the Bronx
Chavi Eve Karkowsky, MD, Danielle M. Bottalico, MPH, Cynthia Chazotte, MD, Glen D. Johnson, PhD
EJBM. 2018;32:E65-80
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