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More than skin deep: Genetics, clinical manifestations, and diagnosis of albinism
Julia Klein Gittler, MD and Robert Marion, MD
EJBM Online First: Medical Review. March 16, 2014. E1-E12.
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Mineral and Bone Metabolism Disorders in Incident ESRD Minority Patients in an Inner City Hemodialysis Unit
Narender Goel, MD, Hiren Pokharna, MD, Matthew K. Abramowitz, MD, MS, and Isaiarasi Gnanasekaran, MD, FACP
EJBM Online First: Brief Communication. March 16, 2014. E1-E11.
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Left-Sided Gallbladder, Uncommon Presentation and Laparoscopic Approach
Quoc-Hung “Key” Nguyen, BA and Amalanshu Jha, MD
EJBM Online First: Case Report. March 16, 2014. E1-E5.
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An unusual case of drug-induced acute pancreatitis
Andrea Vo, BS, Stanley Yakubov, MD, Colleen Smith, MD, Mark Tratenberg, MD, Elizabeth Sedlis-Singer, MD, and Vijay Shetty, MD
EJBM Online First: Case Report. March 16, 2014. E1-E14.
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Intersex Management in U.S. and Non-Western Cultures
Shoshana Tell, AB
EJBM Online First: Medical Ethics. March 10, 2014. E1-E15.
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Yellow Fever and the Emotional Consequences of Untreatable Epidemic Disease
John S Runge, BA
EJBM Online First: Historical Perspective. January 1, 2015. E1-E11.
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Psychiatric underpinnings of chronic diabetic neuropathic pain
Syed H. Shabbir BSc
EJBM Online First. Medical Review. January 1, 2015. E1-E7.
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