Medical Scientist

The Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine

Volume 18 Number 3

Vol18Num3The Einstein Quarterly Journal of Biology and Medicine 2001: Volume 18, Number 3, Pages 105-154 





Inside this Issue

Cover to Cover (p. 105)
Lloyd D. Fricker

Scientific Review

RANdezvous with the Spindle: Role of the RanGTP Cycle in Mitotic Spindle Assembly (pp. 106-112)
Rajarshi Gosh

Chromatin Higher Order Structure and Chromosomal Positioning in the Nucleus (pp. 113-122)
Mathew Schmerer 

Medical Report

Long-term Effects of a Community-wide Hemoglobinopathy Screening Program (pp. 123-125)
Alan Shanske and Fred Rosner


Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Is the NIH’s legal line between ES cell derivation and research ethically tenable? (pp. 126-132)
Daniel Eisenberg

Translational Research: From the Bench to the Bedside and Back (pp. 133-135)
Derek F. Amanatullah


In Praise of House Staff, Bell or No Bell (pp. 136-137)
Harry M. Delany

Book Review

AIDS Doctors: Voices from the Epidemic (p. 138-139)
Jessie Clark


Sue Golding Gradate Symposium Abstracts, 2001
(pp. 140-154)

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