Medical Scientist

The Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine

Volume 22 Number 2

Dominick P. Purpura issue
Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine 2006: Volume 22, Number 2, Pages 65-104 

Table of Contents 

Cover to Cover (p. 65)
by: Joseph J. Abrajano

Dominick P. Purpura - An Appreciation (pp. 66-67)
by: Norman Lamm

Genes are Not Destiny (p. 68)
by: Richard Joel

Contribution to the Festschrift Honoring Dominick P. Purpura (p. 69)
by: Spencer Foreman

In Appreciation Dom Purpura (p. 70)
by: Ernest Jaffé

The Young Dom Purpura as an Inspirational Mentor: Personal Reminiscences (pp. 71-73)
by: Eric R. Kandel

Meganeurites and the Man (pp. 74-76)
by: Steven U. Walkley

Dom Purpura: An Unscientific View (pp. 77-78)
by: Deborah Kligler-Krasnow

On the Road to Divine Inspiration with Dom: A Thirty Year Retrospective and Tribute (pp. 79-81)
by: Mark F. Mehler

Coming to Einstein, an Odyssey with Dom Purpura (pp. 82-83)
by: Michael Bennett

A Question from Emilio: Hypotheses, Hope, and the Legacy of Dominick P. Purpura (pp. 84-85)
by: Stephen G. Waxman

Dominick P. Purpura, M.D.: A Contemporary’s Reminiscences (pp. 86-87)
by: Isabelle Rapin
Dom Purpura’s Contributions to Education (pp. 88-89)
by: Albert S. Kuperman
Q&A with Dominick P. Purpura (pp. 90-93)
by: Manuela Polydoro and Rachel Ross
Dominick P. Purpura’s Neuroanatomy Course: A Brief Reminiscence (p. 94)
by: Howard Dean 

A New Life (p. 95)
by: Richard M. Hays

Following in the Footsteps of a “Neuroscience” Giant (p. 96)
by: Allen M. Spiegel

Assorted Pictures of Dominick P. Purpura (pp. 97-102)



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