Einstein Launches "The Doctor's Tablet": Faculty-P

Einstein Launches "The Doctor's Tablet": Faculty-Penned Blog Reflects on Life of a Doctor

January 18, 2012 – (BRONX, NY) – What is it like to be a practicing physician in today’s world of breakthrough technologies, expanding therapeutic options, insurance challenges, health policy debates and increasingly savvy e-patients? Faculty members at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University will provide a rare window into the lives of doctors navigating this evolving landscape with “The Doctor’s Tablet,” a new blog launched today on Einstein’s website.

Eisntein Blog: The Doctor's Tablet“Einstein’s faculty members have a wealth of unexpected stories – and varied perspectives on pressing medical issues – waiting to be shared,” said Gordon Earle, associate dean of the Philip and Rita Rosen Department of Communications and Public Affairs. “Many of them are also gifted writers with sharp points of view. We decided it was the right time to create an outlet for them.”

“The Doctor’s Tablet” will tackle a range of subjects, from doctors’ personal experiences in clinical practice to considered viewpoints on medical questions of the day. Beyond the world of statistics, paperwork and policy, daily interactions in medicine are usually quite personal – for doctor and patient alike. “The Doctor’s Tablet” will reflect this reality, offering thoughtful contributions to the ongoing conversation on the state of healthcare and translational research and how both intersect with people’s lives.

“We expect ‘The Doctor’s Tablet’ to be thought-provoking, but we’re also hoping it will spark vigorous debate and discussion,” said Paul Moniz, managing director of communications and marketing, who will help oversee the blog along with social media manager, David Flores. “In an open academic environment such as Einstein’s, frank and honest discourse is encouraged and we hope readers will jump in and engage with the authors – and each other,” Mr. Moniz added.

Visit “The Doctor’s Tablet” and read the introductory post.