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Einstein in the News

ABC News interviews Gary Kennedy, M.D., on a new study suggesting that antidepressants and placebos have a similar effect on patients with mild to moderate depression. Dr. Kennedy comments that the recent analysis in JAMA seems logical, but is cautious of its conclusions because it was based on only six studies and three of those used an antidepressant that is no longer widely prescribed. Dr. Kennedy is professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. (Friday, January 08, 2010)


The New York Times publishes a Letter to the Editor by Gary J. Kennedy, M.D., regarding an op-ed that stresses the importance of human, as opposed to computer-based, dissection in medical school. Dr. Kennedy, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Einstein, asserts that the dissection of human cadavers is an integral part of the emotional development of medical students. (Thursday, April 02, 2009) read more...

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