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Einstein in the News interviews Todd Olson, Ph.D., and Sherry Downie, P.D., and several Montefiore Medical Center residents about why the anatomy lab remains important in medical education.  In addition to the introductory anatomy course for first-year medical students, Einstein also offers refresher courses for residents to supplement their clinical experience. Dr. Olson is professor of anatomy & structural biology at Einstein. Dr. Downie is associate professor of clinical anatomy & structural biology and of clinical physical medicine & rehabilitation at Einstein.

(Wednesday, May 01, 2013)


Time interviews Todd Olson, M.D., about the ethical and practical concerns about medical students contacting the families of their gross anatomy cadavers. Dr. Olson thinks that learning the first names of the cadavers can help humanize them, but he is concerned about the risk involved in meeting with family members, who may ask medical questions the students cannot answer. Dr. Olson is professor of anatomy & structural biology at Einstein.

(Thursday, May 17, 2012)


Boston Herald features a Newsday interview with Todd Olson, Ph.D., on a recent controversy at a Long Island medical center involving a photograph of a cadaver that was taken by a resident physician and posted to Facebook. The photo shows a former classmate of the resident making inappropriate gestures with the cadaver visible in the photo. Dr. Olson notes that cadavers should be treated with respect and that students should recognize that cadavers are generous gifts given to further their knowledge. Dr. Olson is professor of anatomy & structural biology at Einstein and president of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists. (Monday, February 08, 2010)

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