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The End of Dietary Guidelines for Americans?

The End of Dietary Guidelines for Americans?

United States law mandates that Dietary Guidelines for Americans, containing “nutritional information and guidelines for the general public,” be issued every five years. The 2015–2020 edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans was recently released, the eighth such set of guidelines published since this process began in 1980.

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Einstein-Montefiore Partnership

In September 2015, Montefiore assumed operational and financial control of Einstein. Together they advance clinical and translational research to accelerate the pace at which new discoveries become the treatments and therapies that benefit patients.

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In Focus: Antibiotic Stewardship

In Focus: Antibiotic Stewardship

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Guiding Principles

Physician-scientist Dr. Liise-anne Pirofski, chief of infectious diseases, discusses the objectives of the Einstein-Montefiore Antibiotic Stewardship Program (ASP) and how this divisional initiative is altering prescribing behaviors.


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Academic Leadership

risk for developmental and learning disabilities. Learn about the CERC programs that evaluate and provide services for premature infants and children.


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Einstein-Montefiore ASP

Learn more about the program and how to contact the team.