Einstein's The Doctor's Tablet Wins Top Honor

PR Daily, a website operated by Ragan Communications, has named Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s The Doctor’s Tablet as the best nonprofit blog for 2015 among a field of contest entries from the United States and abroad.

In explaining why it selected The Doctor’s Tablet, PR Daily wrote:

“The blog’s main theme is how doctors use their knowledge, skills, experience and intuition to teach students, make diagnoses, treat patients and provide compassionate care…” It cited the blog’s “fresh content—all of it edited, a rarity in the blogosphere” as well as its wide distribution and “comprehensive strategy.”

Now in its fourth year, The Doctor’s Tablet is co-edited by Paul Moniz, Einstein’s managing director of communications and marketing, and David Flores, social media manager. It spans topics ranging from medical education and research to ethics, healthcare and wellness. Its content, posted twice weekly, is regularly republished by KevinMD.com, The Huffington Post, the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Wing of Zock, and MedPageToday.

Diversity and Depth

Since 2009 the College of Medicine’s communications team has steadily expanded Einstein’s social media presence, which is presently at nine platforms managed by the department of communications and public affairs.

“We were missing a forum for our diverse faculty members and students to express their views in a longer format than a tweet or a Facebook post,” said Mr. Moniz. “We wanted to add their voices, and those of guest authors, providing their unique perspectives on timely, compelling—and, at times, controversial—issues.”

Unlike Twitter and Facebook posts, he pointed out, the blog “allows authors to develop a cogent argument and provide nuance and depth.”

Staying True to Authors’ Voices

“Many of our blog authors are accustomed to writing grants and research papers. Blogging requires them to think and write differently,” Mr. Flores observed. “For some, it’s almost like learning a new language.”

“We truly enjoy helping our authors translate their science and academic viewpoints into posts that maintain integrity, substance and accuracy while being accessible to our hybrid audience of physicians, medical students, nurses and those working in or interested in healthcare, science, medicine and wellness.”

Readers have praised the blog as “an excellent source of thought-provoking information” and for the variety of its content.

Growing Readership

The editors use other social media platforms to distribute the content and start conversations off the blog platform. They also partner with other blogs to republish posts. These collaborations with widely read content partners have significantly raised the profile of The Doctor’s Tablet, of Einstein and of the individual authors.

In the blog’s last 12 months compared with its first 12 months:

  • the number of users has increased 570 percent
  •  the number of blog sessions increased 425 percent
  • Google referral traffic increased nearly 1,900 percent
  • the proportion of Google traffic increased 288 percent

These metrics “are a strong indicator that the blog’s overall strategy and search engine optimization are producing solid, consistent results,” noted Mr. Moniz.

Future Plans

“It’s gratifying to see our faculty, students and guest bloggers receive the recognition and reader feedback they deserve,” said Mr. Moniz. “We’re especially grateful to our six regular featured blog contributors, and to the more than 130 other blog authors who consistently produce engaging and interesting content.”

“Our goals now are to increase the number and diversity of our bloggers by topic and background, and to deepen and expand our collaborations,” Mr. Flores added. “We’re excited about the blog’s future.”

If you have an idea for a blog post on medical education, research, bioethics, healthcare, or wellness, please contact the blog editors at socialmedia@einstein.yu.edu

Blog co-editors (from left) David Flores and Paul Moniz
Blog co-editors (from left) David Flores and Paul Moniz
Masthead for the award-winning <em>The Doctor's Tablet</em> blog
Masthead for the award-winning The Doctor's Tablet blog
Feature contributors (from top left): Keith Ayoob, R.D., Chavi Karkowsky, M.D., Ruth Macklin, Ph.D., Paul Marantz, M.D., Robert Marion, M.D. and Lisa Shulman, M.D.
Feature contributors (from top left): Keith Ayoob, R.D., Chavi Karkowsky, M.D., Ruth Macklin, Ph.D., Paul Marantz, M.D., Robert Marion, M.D. and Lisa Shulman, M.D.

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