Avon Continues Support of Einstein's B-Bold Program

Denise Mack, Joan Wiley, Zoleidy Burgos and Damaris Santiago show their B-BOLD spirit
Denise Mack, Joan Wiley, Zoleidy Burgos and Damaris Santiago show their B-BOLD spirit

This year’s New York Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, held the weekend of October 22, 2012, was another chance to recognize the inspirational work of Dr. Alyson Moadel and the B.BOLD (Bronx Breast Oncology Living Daily) Buddy Patient Navigation Program.

Culminating the weekend was the announcement of Avon grants, which ensure that all breast cancer patients, including those without insurance or resources, have access to high quality medical services. Dr. Moadel’s program received a $125,000 grant, following up on last year’s grant to expand the role of the "BOLD Buddies" program, through which volunteer patient navigators are paired up with recently diagnosed breast cancer patients in the Bronx who often can feel isolated as they undergo treatment alone. In their expanded role, the buddies help their patient partners adhere to their treatment and attend their follow-up visits, while also helping them to overcome barriers to care, increase self-efficacy, and improve their health knowledge.

The B.BOLD team was present throughout the weekend, helping to support the Avon Walk participants. On Saturday, a group including staff members, counselors, volunteer buddies and friends joined the cheering crowds along the streets of Manhattan, encouraging runners and walkers who were raising money for breast cancer awareness.

Dr. Moadel, who began the "BOLD Buddies" Program in 2011, is associate professor of clinical epidemiology & population health, as well as associate professor of clinical medicine.


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