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Faculty Development Event

Excel: Statistical Analysis

Date: Friday, September 07, 2018

Time: 9:00 AM To 11:00 AM

Location: Forchheimer 119N

Event Description:
This workshop will enhance your knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2016 by teaching you how to utilize many of the statistical analysis tools that are available. You will learn how to use Excel to produce descriptive statistics, graphical summaries of your data, and conduct some basic analytic techniques. The instructor will provide you with ample hands-on time to practice. After taking this course, you will be able to: -Calculate counts, means, and standard deviations of numeric data -Calculate counts and percentages of categorical data -Create a histogram (frequency distribution) -Create a confidence interval around the mean -Conduct a t-test for independent groups and interpret the results -Run correlations, and produce regression lines and scatterplots -Conduct a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and interpret the results Please Note: Participants should be comfortable working with Microsoft Excel 2016 and know how to navigate around a spreadsheet, create formulas, and use the built-in functions.

Target Audience:
Due to space constraints, participation in workshops sponsored by the Office of Faculty Development is limited to individuals with faculty appointments at the medical school. Thank you for understanding.

Dr. William Burton

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