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Dr. Xiaonan (Nan) Xue, Ph.D.

Xiaonan (Nan) Xue, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Population Health

Director, Biostatistics Shared Resource, Albert Einstein Cancer Center

Professional Interests

Dr. Xue  received her BE from Tsinghua University, China; MS from University of Minnesota and PhD from The Johns Hopkins University.  Her research interest includes time to event analysis, longitudinal data analysis and application of statistical methods to epidemiological research in particular cancer research.  She has worked extensively  in the analysis of HPV data; methods for efficient cancer screening, and analytic approaches to study rare cancers.   Dr. Xue has also developed productive collaborations with epidemiologists, clinicians and basic scientists. Dr. Xue has become the Director of the Cancer Center Biostatistics Core since 2014.   Dr. Xue has also taught advanced statistics for many years in the Einstein Clinical Research Training Program. 

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  1. Xue X.  Analysis of Childhood Brain Tumor Data in New York City Using Frailty Models.  Statistics in Medicine.  2001;20:3459-73.
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