Faculty Profile

Dr. Gene A. Morrill, Ph.D.

Gene A. Morrill, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Physiology & Biophysics

Professional Interests

Research Interests: Steroid rapid response systems at the cell surface. Our emphasis is on the mechanism of progesterone binding to the alpha-1 subunit of the Na/K-ATPase in the plasma membrane and induction of the meiotic divisions in the vertebrate oocyte via the newly discovered Na/K-ATPase signaling system. The protective role of magnesium ion in the cadiovascular system. Our current emphasis is on the protective effect of Mg2+ on Fe3+ catalyzed lipid peroxidation at the plasma membrane.

Selected Publications

Morrill GA, Schatz F, Kostellow AB. Gonadotropin stimulation of steroid synthesis and metabolism in the Rana pipiens ovarian follicle. J. steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol. 2006:99;129138. Morrill GA, Erlichman J, Guiterrez-Juarez R., Kostellow AB. Steroids 2005:70;933-45. Morrill GA, Kostellow AB, Resnick LM, Gupta RK. Inter-action between ferric ions, phospholipid hydroperoxides, and the lipid phosphate moiety at physiolohical pH. Lipids 2004;39;881-9. Kostellow AB, Morrill GA. Iron-catalyzed lipid peroxidation in aortic cells in vitro: protective effect of extracellular magnesium. Atherosclerosis. 2004:175;15-22.

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