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Ruth H. Angeletti, Ph.D.

Dr. Ruth H. Angeletti

Professional Interests

Proteomics provides an unbiased window on the workings of the cell, and can provide cues to functional protein complexes, biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets.  My research focus has been on analytical chemistry approaches to understand important biological questions. My background spanned experimental biology and embryology and chemistry, which proved important as the sophistication of analytical technologies developed, and translational studies became possible. 


Selected Publications

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A Hishimoto, H Nomaru, K Ye, A Nishi, J Lim, JT Aguilan, E Nieves, G Kang, R Hogue Angeletti, and N Hiroi. Molecular histochemistry identifies peptidomic organization and reorganization along striatal projection units. Biological Psychiatry (2015) PMID 26520239 

Carvallo L, Lopez L, Che FY, Lim J, Eugenin EA, et al. Buprenorphine Decreases the CCL2 –Mediated Chemotactic Response of Monocytes. J Immunol. 2 01 5 Apr 1;1 94(7 ):32 46-58. PMC4369415

 Harris TM, Du P, Kawachi N, Belbin TJ, Wang Y, et al. Proteomic analysis of oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma specimens identifies patient outcome-associated proteins. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2015 Apr;1 3 9(4):494-507  PMC4380852 .

 Nika H, Angeletti RH, Hawke DH. N-terminal protein characterization by mass spectrometry using combined microscale liquid and solid-phase derivatization. J Biomol Tech. 2 014 Sep;2 5(3 ):77-86. PMC436438

 Nika H, Hawke DH, Angeletti RH. N-terminal protein characterization by mass spectrometry after cyanogen bromide cleav age using com bined m icroscale liquid- and solid-phase deriv atization. J Biomol Tech. 2014 Apr;2 5(1 ):1 9-3 0. PMC3942260.

 Tarassishin L, Lim J, Weatherly DB, Angeletti RH, Lee SC. Interleukin-1-induced changes in the glioblastoma secretome suggest its role in tumor progression. J Proteomics. 2014 Mar 17 ;99:1 52 -68. PMC3 977979.

 Lim J, Liu Z, Apontes P, Feng D, Pessin JE, et al. Dual mode action of mangiferin in mouse liver under high fat diet. PLoS One. 2014;9(3 ):e90137 PMC3 943915.

 Albrethsen J, Angeletti RH, Horwitz SB, Yang CP. Proteomics of cancer cell lines resistant to microtubule stabilizing agents. Mol Cancer Ther. 2014 Jan;1 3 (1 ):2 60-9. PMC3 947109

 Nardelli SC, Che FY, Silmon de Monerri NC, Xiao H, Nieves E, et al. The histone code of Toxoplasm a gondii comprises conserved and unique posttranslational modifications. MBio. 2 01 3 Dec 1 0;4(6):e0092 2 -1 3 PMC3870261

 L Miller, A Menthena, C Chatterjee, P Verdier-Pinard, P Novikoff, SB Horwitz, R Hogue Angeletti (2008) Identification of a Unique Post-Translational Modification of the β IVb-Tubulin Isotype that has Increased Expression in Liver Cancer, Biochemistry 47, 7572-7582.

 JM Dybas, CM Madrid-Aliste, FY Che, E Nieves, D Rykunov, R Hogue Angeletti, LM Weiss, K Kim, A Fiser.(2008) Computational Analysis and Experimental Validation of Gene Predictions in Toxoplasma gondii. PLoS ONE 3(12): e3899 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0003899

 C Madrid-Aliste, JM Dybas, R Hogue Angeletti, LM Weiss, K Kim, I Simon and A Fiser. EPIC-DB: a proteomics database for studying Apicomplexan organisms (2009) BMC Genomics 10:38

 LM Weiss, A Fiser, R Hogue Angeletti, K Kim (2009) Toxoplasma gondii Proteomics, Expert Reviews in Mass Spectrometry, 6, 303-313

WD Zencheck, H Xiao, BJ Nolen, R Hogue Angeletti, TD Pollard, SC Almo (2009) Nucleotide and activator-dependent structural and dynamic changes of Arp2/3 complex monitored by hydrogen/deuterium exchange and mass spectrometry. J Mol Biol 390, 414-427

H Xiao, P Verdier-Pinard, N Fernandez-Fuentes, B Burd, R Hogue Angeletti, A Fiser, SB Horwitz, GA Orr. (2006) Insights into the mechanism of microtubule stabilization by Taxol. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 103:10166-10173. PMC1502429



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