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Dr. Xintao Wang, Ph.D.

Xintao Wang, Ph.D.

Associate, Department of Medicine (Hepatology)

Professional Interests

My main research interest is to study the regulation of endocytic vesicle trafficking by protein kinases. Specifically, I am focus on the identification of the substrate of PKCzeta which regulates the motility of NTCP containing vesicles from rat liver.

Selected Publications

  • Xintao Wang, Haiyun Deng, Indranil Basu, and Liang Zhu  “Induction of Androgen Receptor-Dependent Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer Cells by the Retinoblastoma Protein” Cancer Res  15;64(4):1377-85 (2004)


  • Xintao Wang, J. Zhang, S. M. Belkowski, H. Knowles, A. B. Chandramouly, M. Downenand M. B. Prystowsky “Protein Kinase C-mediated Phosphorylation of Kvb2  in Adult Rat Brain” Neurochem Res 29:10 1879-86 (2004)


  • Xintao Wang, Lingyun Wu, M’hamed Aouffen, Mircea-Alexandru Mateescu, Réginald Nadeau and Rui Wang, “Novel cardiac protective effects of urea: from shark to rat,” Brit. J. Pharmacol. 128: 1477-1484 (1999)


  • Xintao Wang, P. Pietrangeli, M.A. Mateescu and B. Mondoví, "Extended substrate specificity of serum amine oxidase: possible involvement in protein post-translational modification" Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 223: 91-97 (1996)


  • Xintao Wang, M.J. Dumoulin, O. Befani, B. Mondoví, and M.A. Mateescu, "Joint chromatographic purification of bovine serum ceruloplasmin and amine oxidase". Prep. Biochem. 24: 237-250 (1994)

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