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Areas of Research: Studies of peripheral neuropathy in mice, rats, and monkeys. Spinal Cord and cortical cord physiology. EEG studies of seizure and pre-seizure patterns Assessment of toxic neuropathies Human multicenter clinical trials

Professional Interests

Our laboratory applies a variety of neurophysiologic techniques to explore normal and altered function in animal models and human clinical research.  Experimental procedures include EEG, evoked potentials, ensemble and single unit recordings, current source density, and measures of whole nerve conduction velocity.  Recently we have focused on developing sensitive biomarkers for the onset and progression of toxic neuropathies and seizure disorders.  We have studied transgenic and mutant mice, models of diabetic neuropathy, compound-induced seizures, and demyelinating and iatrogenic deficits of central and peripheral nerve function.  In parallel, we have participated in the “translation” of basic neuroscience principles to human clinical studies. We are currently involved in the design and conduct of multicenter Phase 1-4 clinical trials of experimental therapies intended to reduce or prevent diabetic and chemotherapy-induced neuropathies, to improve the treatment of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, to explore treatment for ALS, and to monitor the modulation of pain. In this latter capacity, we have worked with the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


Selected Publications

Zotova, E.G., Schaumburg, H.H., Raine, C.S., Cannella, B., Tar, M., Melman, A and Arezzo, J.C. Effects of hyperglycemia on rat cavernous nerve axons: a functional and ultrastructural study, Experimental Neurology 213:439­447, 2008.

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Arezzo, J.C., Litwak, M, and Zotova, E. Correlation and Dissociation of Electrophysiology andHistopathology in the Assessment of Toxic Neuropathy. Toxicologic Pathology 39:146­51, 2011.

Foster, W.R. Car, B.D., Shi, H, Levesque, P.C., Obemeier M.T., Gan, J., Arezzo, J.C. et al., Drug safety is a barrier to the discovery and development of new androgen receptoantagonist. Prostate 5:480­8, 2011.

Dyck, P.J., Albers. J.W., Andersen, H., Arezzo, J.C., Biessels, G.J., Bril, V., Feldman, E.L.,Litchy, W.J., O’Brien, P.C. and Russell, J.W. Diabetic polyneuropathies: Update on research definitions, diagnostic criteria and estimation of severity. Diabetes Metab Res Rev, 2011.

Antoine, M.W., Hübner, C.A., Arezzo, J.C. and Hébert, J.M. A causative link between innerear defects and long-term striatal dysfunction, Science, 2013.

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