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Dr. Jacob J. Steinberg, M.D.

Jacob J. Steinberg, M.D.

Professor, Department of Pathology

Professional Interests

Jacob J. Steinberg, M.D., received his medical degree at Stritch-Loyola University of Chicago, residency & Fellowship Training at the University of Pennsylvania, NYU & Bellevue. Dr. Steinberg is National Chair, emeritus, for the Pathology Program Directors Association of North America. He held fellowships from the NIH, American Cancer Society, Harrison Surgical Research Fellowship, & Runyon-Winchell Cancer Fund. He was a Science & Engineering Fellow of the AAAS. Dr. Steinberg's research interests include Autopsy Pathology, environmental medicine and sciences, DNA toxicology, and physical and chemical carcinogenesis. He has also has taken leadership in graduate medical education & patient safety initiatives. Dr. Steinberg serves/served on the Board of Trustees for the Public Health Association of New York City; Committee for Science and Religion, Columbia University; and The Intersociety Council for Pathology Information. He has also served on American Society for Investigative Pathology committees. He is/was chair emeritus, chair, vice-chair and ethics & nominating committee chair for the North American Program Directors committees, sits on Program Directors' Council, & served on the Pathology Chairs Council; and, is currently serving on the Scientific Advisory Panel for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (under both the Clinton & Bush Administrations). He was a US Holocaust Museum Smithsonian-Merck Fellow in Medical Bioethics and invited poet of the Scholarly Programs, US Library of Congress, in Washington, DC. Dr. Steinberg's awards and honors include the Davidoff Society, the Rosen Outstanding Teacher's Award (1994), NIH Geriatric Leadership Academic Award (1988-1989), and Faculty Awardee, Bronx High School of Science, Science Education, Minority Students Program (1997-1998), and AOA faculty. He is an invitee of the Dartmouth Health Care Leadership Institute (2003-present).

Selected Publications

1: O'Boyle KP, Coatsworth S, Anthony G, Ramirez M, Greenwald E, Kaleya R, Steinberg JJ, Dutcher JP, Wiernik PH. Effects of desialylation of ovine submaxillary gland mucin (OSM) on humoral and cellular immune responses to Tn and sialylated Tn. Cancer Immun. 2006 Mar 9;6:5. 2: Huang JM, Anastos K, Robison E, Shi R, Freeman K, Strickler H, Steinberg JJ. Related Articles, Links Abstract Evaluation of DNA adduction of AZT in peripheral blood leukocytes of HIV-infected individuals by (32)P-post-labeling thin-layer chromatography: a feasibility study. J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci. 2004 Oct 15;810(1):1-6. 3: Hahm S, Dresner HS, Podwall D, Golden M, Winiarsky R, Moosikasuwan M, Cajigas A, Steinberg JJ. Related Articles, Links Abstract DNA biomarkers antecede semiquantitative anthracycline cardiomyopathy. Cancer Invest. 2003;21(1):53-67. 4: Steinberg JJ. Related Articles, Links No abstract Science under the Nazis. Science. 2000 Mar 17;287(5460):1929-30. No abstract available. 5: Farah N, Dresner HS, Searles KJ, Winiarsky R, Moosikasuwan M, Cajigas A, Hahm S, Steinberg JJ. Related Articles, Links Abstract Cisplatin DNA adduct detection and depurination measured by 32P DNA radiolabeling and two-dimensional thin-layer chromatography: a time and concentration study. Cancer Invest. 2000;18(4):314-26. 6: Steinberg JJ. Related Articles, Links Abstract Environmental ethics. Environ Health Perspect. 2000 Mar;108(3):A108-9.

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