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Dr. Thomas J. Belbin, Ph.D.

Thomas J. Belbin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Pathology

Areas of Research: Analysis of DNA methylation in the genomes of head and neck cancer cells. These biomarkers can be used to identify sequences frequently methylated in tumor cells, and those that correlate with tumor phenotypes.

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Head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) constitute an anatomically heterogenous group of neoplasms that share in common a causal association with tobacco and alcohol exposure.  The clinical course of these neoplasms is difficult to predict based on established prognostic clinicopathological criteria.  Unfortunately, the 5-year survival rate has improved only marginally over the past decade; as a result, it is estimated that over 45,000 cases and over 11,000 deaths will occur each year in the United States from HNSCC.  To date, there are few molecular markers that can be reliably used in either early detection or as indicators of prognosis.

Evidence has now established that aberrant DNA methylation and chromatin remodeling associated with promoters, or first exons of genes, is one mechanism frequently associated with the transcriptional silencing of critical genes in HNSCC and other cancers.  One goal of our lab is the genome-wide analysis of aberrant DNA methylation events in head and neck tumor genomes.  These “epigenetic signatures” can be used to identify CpG island sequences frequently hypermethylated in HNSCC, and to characterize previously indistinguishable subtypes of this disease.  The long-term goal of our research is to identify genetic and epigenetic signatures associated with successful treatment and patient outcome in this disease, as well as those signatures that indicate that drug treatment will not work. This should lead to more unique gene discoveries and, in the future, new targets for anti-tumor drugs.



Selected Publications

Belbin, T.J., Singh, B., Barber, I., Socci, N.D., Wenig, B., Smith, R., Prystowsky, M.B. and Childs, G.  Molecular classification of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma using cDNA microarrays.  Cancer Research 62:  1184-1190 (2002).

Sanchez-Carbayo, M., Belbin, T.J., Scotto, K., Scotlandi, K., Prystowsky, M., Baldini, N., Childs, G. and Cordon-Cardo, C.  Expression profiling of osteosarcoma transfected cells with MDR1 and NEO genes:  inhibition of cell adhesion, blockage of apoptosis and down-regulation of MRP.  Laboratory Investigation 83:  507-517 (2003).

Sanchez-Carbayo, M., Socci, N.D., Lozano, J.J., Li, W., Charytonowicz, E., Belbin, T.J., Prystowsky, M.B., Ortiz, A.R., Childs, G. and Cordon-Cardo, C.  Gene discovery in bladder cancer progression using cDNA microarrays.  American Journal of Pathology 163:  505-516 (2003).

Belbin, T.J., Gaspar, J., Haigentz, M., Perez-Soler, R., Keller, S.M., Prystowsky, M.B., Childs, G. and Socci, N.D.  Indirect measurements of differential gene expression with cDNA microarrays.  BioTechniques 36: 310-314 (2004).

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Smith, R.V., Schlecht, N.F., Childs, G., Prystowsky, M.B. and Belbin, T.J.  Pilot study of mucosal genetic differences in early smokers and nonsmokers.  Laryngoscope 116: 1375-1379 (2006).

Madan, R., Brandwein-Gensler, M., Schlecht, N.F., Elias, K., Gorboritsky, E., Belbin, T.J., Mahmood, R., Breining, D. Qian, H., Childs, G., Locker, J., Smith, R.V., Haigentz M., Gunn-Moore, F. and Prystowsky, M.B.  Differential tissue and subcellular expression of ERM proteins in normal and malignant tissues:  cytoplasmic ezrin expression has prognostic significance for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.  Head and Neck 16: 1018-1027 (2006).

Sudha, R., Kawachi, N., Du, P., Nieves, E., Belbin, T.J., Negassa, A., Angeletti, R.H. and Prystowsky, M.B.  Global proteomic analysis distinguishes biologic differences in head and neck squamous carcinoma.  Laboratory Investigation 87: 755-766 (2007).

Basu, I., Cordovano, G., Das, I., Belbin, T.J., Guha, C. and Schramm, V.L.  A transition state analogue of 5'-methylthioadenosine phosphorylase induces apoptosis in head and neck cancers.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 282: 21477-21486 (2007).

Loudig, O., Milova, E., Brandwein-Gensler, M., Massimi, A., Belbin, T.J., Childs, G., Singer, R.H., Rohan, T. and Prystowsky, M.B.  Molecular restoration of archived transcriptional profiles by complementary-template reverse transcription (CT-RT).  Nucleic Acids Research 35(15): e94. (2007).

Schlecht, N.F., Burk, R.D., Adrien, L., Dunne, A., Kawachi, N., Sarta, C., Chen, Q., Brandwein-Gensler, M., Prystowsky, M.B., Childs, G., Smith, R.V. and Belbin, T.J.  Gene expression profiles in HPV infected head and neck cancer.  Journal of Pathology 213: 283-293 (2007).

Aleman, A., Adrien, L., Lopez-Serra, L., Cordon-Cardo, C., Esteller, M., Belbin, T.J. and Sanchez-Carbayo, M.  Identification of DNA hypermethylation of SOX9 in association with bladder cancer progression using CpG microarrays.  British Journal of Cancer 98(2): 466-473 (2008).

Belbin, T.J., Schlecht, N.F., Smith, R.V., Adrien, L.R., Kawachi, N., Brandwein-Gensler, M., Bergman, A., Chen Q, Childs G, Prystowsky MB.  Site-specific molecular signatures predict aggressive disease in HNSCC. (2008). Head and Neck Pathology 2(4): 243-256.

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