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Dr. Charles E. Schwartz, M.D.

Charles E. Schwartz, M.D.

Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Medicine

Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Family and Social Medicine

Professional Interests

Dr. Charles Schwartz is an internist and psychiatrist providing clinical care for people who are homeless. He has expertise in a number of areas, including addiction medicine, HIV, palliative care, psychosomatic and behavioral medicine, bioethics. He has a have a deep interest in the development of integrated care programs providing care for the complex patient, and in integrating and improving medical and mental health care for patients with substance abuse.

In doing direct clinical work in collaboration with providers from other specialties and disciplines, Dr. Schwartz works with several not-for-profit homeless providers in New York City, including some work as an internist in an alcohol/drug detoxification program.

Dr. Schwartz serves as Chairman of the Medical Review Board for the NY State Justice Center, reviewing deaths, focusing on the quality of medical and psychiatric care provided to patients with mental illness and disabilities. He previously served on the Medical Review Board of the NY State Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities. He is Psychiatric Director of an alcohol/addiction training program for NY area physicians-in training. He works with the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry, national organization for dual-trained med/psych physicians. He helped found AMP in 1991, and is a past president. AMP focuses on patients with med/psych comorbidity.

As a clinician/educator and Associate Professor on the faculty at Montefiore Hospital/Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Departments of Medicine, Family and Social Medicine, and Psychiatry, Dr. Schwartz has trained medical students, residents and palliative medicine and psychiatry fellows. He continues to work as a consultant for the Einstein Dean's Office for medical and graduate students having academic difficulties.

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In the News

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The New York Times quotes Dr. Charles Schwartz, Einstein students, and Montefiore Medical Center’s Dr. Sean O’Mahoney in a front-page article on end-of-life care.

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