Faculty Profile

Dr. Peter Davies, Ph.D.

Peter Davies, Ph.D.

Clinical Professor, Department of Pathology

Professor, Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience

Scientific Director of the Litwin-Zucker Center for the Study of Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Professional Interests

The lab works on mechanisms important for the development of Alzheimer's disease, using a wide variety of biochemical, cell biological and molecular tools. Much of the current work is focused on human brain tissues, although transgenic mouse and cell culture models of specific aspects of the pathology are also examined.

Selected Publications

Ramakrishnan P. Dickson DW. Davies P. Pin1 Co-Localization With Phosphorylated Tau In Alzheimer's Disease And Other Tauopathies. Neurobiol Disease, 14; 251-264, 2003.

Andorfer C. Kress Y. Espinoza M. de Silva R Tucker K. Barde Y-A. Duff K. Davies P. Hyperphosphorylation and Aggregation of Tau in Mice Expressing Six Normal Human Tau Isoforms J. Neurochem 86, 582-591, 2003.

Conrad C. Vianna C. Schultz C. Thal DR. Ghebremedhin E. Lenz J. Braak H. Davies P. Molecular Evolution and Genetics of the Saitohin Gene and tau haplotype in Alzheimer's Disease and Argyrophilic Grain Disease. J Neurochem, 89, 179-188, 2004.

Herskovits AZ. Davies P. Cloning and expression analysis of two novel pctaire 3 transcripts from human brain. Gene, 328, 59-67, 2004.

Bargorn S. Davies P. Mandelkow E. Tau paired helical filaments from Alzheimer's disease brain and assembled in vitro are based on beta-structure in the core domain. Biochemistry , 43, 1694-1703, 2004.

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