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Faculty Profile

Alison Karasz, Ph.D.

Dr. Alison Karasz

Professional Interests


  • Primary care research
  • Cultural differences in health seeking and illness experience
  • Mental health in primary care
  • Qualitative and mixed methods
  • International research


  • Mental health services research
  • Qualitative methods
  • Program evaluation

Active Projects:

  • Primary care survey of South Asian immigrants in private practices
  • Follow up study of depression treatment project in the Bronx for Bangladeshi women
  • Child oral health and nutrition project
  • Mother/child nutrition study in the Bronx
  • Diabetes prevention in primary care
  • Obesity prevention in primary care

Selected Publications

  1. Karasz, A., Patel, V., Kabita, M., & Parvin, S. (2013) “Tension” in South Asian Women: Developing a Measure of Common Mental Disorder Using Participatory Methods. Progress in Community Health Partnerships, 7(4):429-41. doi: 10.1353/cpr.2013.0046.
  2. Karasz, A., Patel, V., Ranasinghe, S., Chaudhuri, K, & McKee, D. (2014) Preventing caries in young children of immigrant Bangladeshi families in New York: Perspectives of mothers and paediatricians. Community Dental Health, 31, 1-5.
  3. Karasz, A. Mental Health among South Asians in the United States (2014). Brown Paper: South Asian Health in the United States. South Asian Public Health Association.
  4. Diwan, S.; Escobar, J; Gany,F.; Inman, A; Kalasapudi, V; Karasz, A; Kosi, R; Murthy, M; Mental health stressors among South Asians (2014) . Special Supplement. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.
  5. Garcia, I.; Blank, A; Eastwood; Karasz, A. Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of SPNS interventions designed to engage and retain HIV: positive women of color in medical care. AIDS and Behavior.

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Jack and Pearl Resnick Campus
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Block, Room 411
Bronx, NY 10461

Tel: 718.430.8756

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