Faculty Profile

Dr. Paul R. Marantz, M.D.,  M.P.H.

Paul R. Marantz, M.D., M.P.H.

Associate Dean for Clinical Research Education

Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Population Health

Professor, Department of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

Professional Interests

Dr.. Marantz oversees the educational and training programs of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR).  The ICTR offers degree-granting (MS, PhD) programs, as well as certificate programs and courses, that provide research skills to health professionals and biomedical scientists.

Selected Publications

  1. Rubio DM, Schoenbaum EE, Lee LS, Schteingart DE, Marantz PR, Anderson KE, Platt LD, Baez A, Esposito K. Defining translational research: implications for training. Acad Med 2010; 85: 470-5.
  2. Marantz PR, Currie B, Shamoon H.  Transforming the research environment through institutional partnership. Clinical and Translational Science 2010; 3: 12-3.
  3. Santoro N, McGinn AP, Cohen HW, Kaskel F, Marantz PR, Mulvihill M, Schoenbaum EE. In it for the long-term: defining the mentor-protégé relationship in a clinical research training program. Acad Med 2010; 85: 1067-72.
  4. Marantz PR, Strelnick AH, Currie B, Bhalla R, Blank A, Meissner P, Selywn P, Walker EA, Hsu DT, Shamoon H.  Developing a multidisciplinary model of comparative effectiveness research within a Clinical and Translational Science Award.  Acad Med 2011; 86: 712–717.
  5. Marantz PR. Don't call that apple medicine just yet. Blog post: http://blogs.einstein.yu.edu/dont-call-that-apple-medicine-just-yet-dangers-of-misleading-medical-journalism/
  6. Marantz PR. How do financial incentives influence doctors' judgment? Blog post: http://blogs.einstein.yu.edu/how-do-financial-incentives-influence-doctors-judgments/
  7. Gonzalez CM, Kim MY, Marantz PR. Implicit bias and its relation to health disparities: a teaching program and survey of medical students. Teach Learn Med. 2014; 26(1): 64-71. PMID: 24405348
  8. Marantz PR. Academia, applied research, and your tax dollars. Blog post: http://blogs.einstein.yu.edu/academia-applied-research-and-your-tax-dollars/
  9. Anderson BJ, Kligler B, Taylor B, Cohen HW, Marantz PR. Faculty survey to assess research literacy and evidence-informed practice interest and support at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. J Altern Complement Med. 2014 Sep; 20(9): 705-12. PMID: 25120170
  10. Marantz PR. Balancing the patient experience with evidence-based medicine. Blog post: http://blogs.einstein.yu.edu/balancing-the-patient-experience-with-evidence-based-medicine/
  11. Marantz PR. How to cause a measles epidemic in 5 easy steps. Blog post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-paul-marantz/cause-measles-epidemic_b_6624230.html
  12. Gonzalez CM, Fox AD, Marantz PR. The evolution of an elective in health disparities and advocacy: description of instructional strategies and program evaluation. Acad Med July 2015; 90:1636-40. PMID: 26222321
  13. Marantz PR. Personalizing medicine: considering preferences and values. Blog post: http://blogs.einstein.yu.edu/personalizing-medicine-considering-preferences-and-values/
  14. Anderson BJ, Kligler B, Cohen HW, Marantz PR. Survey of Chinese Medicine students to determine research and evidence-based medicine perspectives at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Explore 2016; 12: 366-374. PMID: 27473310.
  15. Marantz PR, Selker HP, Meagher EA. Certification of clinical and translational researchers: an ill-conceived notion. J Clin Transl Science 2017: 1: 3-4.
  16. Landsittel DP, Kessler L, Schmid CH, Marantz P, Suarez-Almazor ME. Training in patient-centered outcomes research for specific researcher communities. J Clin Transl Science 2017; 1: 278–284. doi:10.1017/cts.2017.307. PMID: 29707248.
  17. Gonzalez CM, Deno ML, Kintzer E, Marantz PR, Lypson ML, McKee MD. Patient perspectives on racial and ethnic implicit bias in clinical encounters: Implications for curriculum development. Patient Educ Couns 2018; 101:1669-75. PMID: 29843933.

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