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Dr. Peter F. Belamarich, M.D.

Peter F. Belamarich, M.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics (Academic General Pediatrics)

Chief, Division of General Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics

Areas of Research: General Pediatrics

Professional Interests

I trained in Gastroenterology and Nutrition then I returned to the practice of General Pediatrics and retained my interest in non-procedural gastroenterology. This suits my many interests. 

Within general pediatrics, my interests include becoming an expert diagnostician, and optmizing the value of  general pediatrics. I am also interested in mastering and teaching the physical examination of children. More recently I have become interested in oral health, mental health in primary care, and performance improvement activities.  

Within my subspecialty, I am primarily interested in nutrition, lipid disorders, cardiovascular health, the use of statin medicaitons in children, obesity, and the use of infant formula.

I have been a regular panel member of the FDA's Office of Orphan Product Development and I also act as a reviewer for all 3 major Pediatric journals, Pediatrics, JAMA pediatrics, and the Journal of Pediatrics.  I was recently appointed  to the Editorial Board of Pediatrics in Review.  

I teach pediatric residents every week. This is a source of deep satisfaction for me and keeps me aware of what is important, clinically relevant and useful.

While being a physician is intellectually satisfying I view it fundamentally as a job of service to patients, students, resident trainees,  and to my superb peers here. 



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Scientific American quotes Dr. Peter Belamarich and cites his research that found health claims made by infant formula manufacturers are not supported by evidence.

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