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Dr. Stuart C. Apfel, M.D.

Stuart C. Apfel, M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor, The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Areas of Research: Neurotrophic factor therapy for the treatment of neurological disease, drug development, neurotrophins, FGF family, clinical trials

Professional Interests

My research interests have focused on neurodevelopment, and the potential therapeutic role of neurotrophic factors in treating a variety of nervous system disorders.  Currently I am focused on translational studies bringing scientific advances from the bench to the clinic.  I have established a consulting firm that works closely with a number of different biotechnology companies to assist them in making the transition to clinical trials.  I am also in the process of starting up a new biotech company, called Signal Biotherapeutics focused on the promotion of recovery from neurological disorders.

My teaching interests within the department are focused on helping students and residents learn localization skills.  The key to successful diagnosis in neurology is to accurately localize the lesion based on a thorough neurological exam and an understaning of the anatomical and physiological significance of each finding on the exam.

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