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John P. Sanchez, M.D.

Dr. John P. Sanchez

Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine


Professional Interests

Professional Interests:

Dr. Sánchez has worked extensively to promote diversity and inclusion in the physician and academic medicine workforces. He serves as P.I. of the Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians (BNGAP) Initiative; developed in partnership between Einstein’s Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE) and AAMC Diversity Policy and Programs. BNGAP’s mission is to help diverse medical students and residents become aware of academic medicine as a career option and to provide them with the resources to further explore and potentially embark on an academic medicine career. He also serves as Chair of the Council of Young Physicians and Board Member of the National Hispanic Medical Association, and as HCOE’s representative to the Hispanic Serving Health Professions Schools.

Dr. Sánchez also works on raising awareness of the needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. He serves as the Chair of the Einstein LGBT Steering Committee, of the Office of Student Affairs at Einstein; a committee charged with promoting a supportive climate for LGBT students (including M.D., Masters, Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral students) at Einstein. In 2012, he joined the Board of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies of the City University of New York to help the Center in broadening their educational and research activities to include health related content.

Dr. Sánchez received his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, completed his residency training at Jacobi/Montefiore, and is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. He also holds a Masters of Public Health, with a concentration in the epidemiology of infectious diseases, from the Yale School of Public Health. He is of Puerto Rican ancestry and was raised in the Bronx, NYC.


Selected Publications

Selected Publications:

Sánchez JP, Meacher P, Beil R. Cigarette smoking and lesbian and bisexual women in the Bronx. J Community Health. 2005 Feb;30(1):23-37.

Sánchez, Rabatin J, Sánchez JP, Hubbard S, Kalet A. Medical students’ ability to care for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered patients. Fam Med. 2006 Jan;38(1):21-7.

Cunningham CO, Sánchez JP, Heller DI, Sohler NL. Assessment of a medical outreach program to improve access to HIV care among marginalized individuals. Am J Public Health. 2007 Oct ; 97(10): 1758-61.

Sánchez JP, Lowe C, Freeman M, Burton W, Sánchez NF, Beil R. A syphilis control intervention targeting black and Hispanic men who have sex with men. J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2009 Feb;20(1):194-209.

Sánchez NF, Sánchez JP, Danoff A. Health care utilization, barriers to care, and hormone usage among male-to-female transgender persons in New York City. Am J Public Health. 2009 Apr; 99(4):713-9.

Sánchez JP, Guilliames C, Burton W, Blank A, Calderon Y. Video tool for increasing syphilis knowledge and testing in the Emergency Department. J of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 2010 Feb; 21 (1): 371-385.

Chappin SR, Tross S, Sánchez JP, Dermatis H, and Galanter M. Alcohol consumption patterns: Gay and lesbian urban ethnic minority members. Subst Abus. 2010 Jan 31(1):71-3.

Sánchez JP, Castillo-Page L, Spencer D, Yehia B, Peters L, Kaye-Freeman B, Lee-Rey E. Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians Initiative: Why, Who, How and "What Are We Missing?" Academic Medicine. August 2011.

Lunn M and Sánchez JP. Prioritizing Health Disparities in Medical Education to Improve Care Academic Medicine. 86(11):1343, November 2011.

Sánchez JP, Peters L, Lee-Rey E, Strelnick H, Garrison G, Zhang K, Spencer D, Ortega G, Yehia B, Berlin A, Castillo-Page L. Racial and Ethnic Minority Medical Students’ Perceptions of Academic Medicine Careers, Academic Medicine, September 2013.

Sánchez NF, Sánchez JP, Lunn MR, Yehia BR, Callahan E. Meeting Report: First Annual LGBT Health Workforce Conference: Empowering Our Health Workforce to Better Serve LGBT Communities. LGBT Health, Fall 2013.

Yehia BR, Cronholm PF, Wilson N, Palmer SC, Sisson SD, Guilliames CE, Poll-Hunter NI, Sánchez JP.  Mentorship and pursuit of academic medicine careers: a mixed methods study of residents from diverse backgrounds.  BMC Med Educ. 2014 Feb 9;14:26. 


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Einstein LGBT Steering Committee,

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