Faculty Profile

Dr. David B. Hanna, Ph.D.

David B. Hanna, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Population Health

Professional Interests

I am interested in disparities in HIV treatment and care outcomes, cardiovascular disease in HIV infection, use of public health surveillance data, and geographic analysis of health data.

Selected Publications

Hanna DB, Xu S, Melamed ML, Gonzalez F, Allison MA, Blisker MS, Hurwitz BE, Kansal MM, Schneiderman N, Shah SJ, Kaplan RC, Rodriguez CJ, Kizer JR (2017).  Association of albuminuria with cardiac dysfunction in U.S. Hispanics/Latinos.  Am J Cardiol 119: 2073-2080.

Hanna DB, Lin J, Post WS, Hodis HN, Xue X, Anastos K, Cohen MH, Gange SJ, Haberlen SA, Heath SL, Lazar JM, Liu C, Mack WJ, Ofotokun I, Palella FJ, Tien PC, Witt MD, Landay AL, Kingsley LA, Tracy RP, Kaplan RC (2017).  Association of macrophage inflammation biomarkers with progression of subclinical carotid atherosclerosis in HIV-infected women and men [with editorial commentary].  J Infect Dis 215: 1352-1361.

Hanna DB, Jung M, Xue X, Anastos K, Cocohoba JM, Cohen MH, Golub ET, Hessol NA, Levine AM, Wilson TE, Young MA, Kaplan RC (2016).  Trends in non-lipid cardiovascular disease risk factor management in the Women’s Interagency HIV Study and association with adherence to antiretroviral therapy.  AIDS Patient Care STDs 30: 445-454.

Hanna DB, Ramaswamy C, Kaplan RC, Kizer JR, Anastos K, Daskalakis D, Zimmerman R, Braunstein SL (2016).  Trends in cardiovascular disease mortality among persons with HIV in New York City, 2001-2012.  Clin Infect Dis 63: 1122-1129. 

Hanna DB, Guo M, Bůžková P, Miller TL, Post WS, Stein JH, Currier JS, Kronmal RA, Freiberg MS, Bennett SN, Shikuma CM, Anastos K, Li Y, Tracy RP, Hodis HN, Delaney JA, Kaplan RC (2016).  HIV infection and carotid artery intima-media thickness: Pooled analyses across five cohorts of the NHLBI HIV-CVD Collaborative.  Clin Infect Dis 63: 249-256. 

Hanna DB, Felsen UR, Ginsberg MS, Zingman BS, Beil RS, Futterman DC, Strickler HD, Anastos K (2016).  Increased antiretroviral therapy use and virologic suppression in the Bronx in the context of multiple HIV prevention strategies.  AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 32: 955-963. 

Hanna DB, Post WS, Deal JA, Hodis HN, Jacobson LP, Mack WJ, Anastos K, Gange SJ, Landay AL, Lazar JM, Palella FJ, Tien PC, Witt MD, Xue X, Young MA, Kaplan RC, Kingsley LA (2015).  HIV infection is associated with progression of subclinical carotid atherosclerosis.  Clin Infect Dis 61: 640-650.

Shaked I*, Hanna DB*, Gleißner C, Marsh B, Plants J, Tracy D, Anastos K, Cohen M, Golub ET, Karim R, Lazar J, Prasad V, Tien PC, Young MA, Landay AL, Kaplan RC, Ley K (2014).  Macrophage inflammatory markers are associated with subclinical carotid artery disease in women with HIV or HCV infection.  Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 34: 1085-1092.  *Co-first author.

Hanna DB, Hessol NA, Golub ET, Cocohoba JM, Cohen MH, Levine AM, Wilson TE, Young M, Anastos K, Kaplan RC (2014).  Increase in single-tablet regimen use and associated improvements in adherence-related outcomes in HIV-infected women.  J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 65: 587-596.

Hanna DB, Buchacz K, Gebo KA, Hessol NA, Horberg MA, Jacobson LP, Kirk GD, Kitahata MM, Korthuis PT, Moore RD, Napravnik S, Patel P, Silverberg MJ, Sterling TR, Willig JH, Collier A, Samji H, Thorne JE, Althoff KN, Martin JN, Rodriguez B, Stuart EA, Gange SJ for the NA-ACCORD (2013).  Association between U.S. state AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) features and HIV antiretroviral therapy initiation, 2001-2009.  PLOS ONE 8: e78952.

Hanna DB, Buchacz K, Gebo KA, Hessol NA, Horberg MA, Jacobson LP, Kirk GD, Kitahata MM, Korthuis PT, Moore RD, Napravnik S, Patel P, Silverberg MJ, Sterling TR, Willig JH, Lau B, Althoff KN, Crane HM, Collier AC, Samji H, Thorne JE, Gill MJ, Klein MB, Martin JN, Rodriguez B, Rourke SB, Gange SJ for the NA-ACCORD (2013).  Trends and disparities in antiretroviral therapy initiation and virologic suppression among newly treatment-eligible HIV-infected individuals in North America, 2001-2009.  Clin Infect Dis 56: 1174-1182.

Hanna DB, Selik RM, Tang T, Gange SJ (2012).  Disparities among U.S. states in HIV-related mortality in persons with HIV infection, 2001-2007.  AIDS 26: 95-103.

Hanna DB, Pfeiffer MR, Sackoff JE, Selik RM, Begier EM, Torian LV (2009).  Comparing the National Death Index and the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File to ascertain death in HIV surveillance.  Public Health Rep 124: 850-860.

Hanna DB, Tsoi BW, Begier EM (2009).  Most positive HIV-1 western blots do not diagnose new cases in New York City: Implications for HIV testing programs.  J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 51: 609-614.

Hanna DB, Pfeiffer MR, Torian LV, Sackoff JE (2008).  Concurrent HIV/AIDS diagnosis increases the risk of short-term HIV-related death among persons newly diagnosed with AIDS.  AIDS Patient Care STDs 22: 17-28.

Hanna DB, Gupta LS, Jones LE, Thompson DM, Kellerman SE, Sackoff JE (2007).  AIDS-defining opportunistic illnesses in the HAART era in New York City.  AIDS Care 19: 264-272.

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