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Faculty Profile

Zhengdong Zhang, Ph.D.

Dr. Zhengdong Zhang

Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics


Professional Interests

The research interests of my lab are computational biology and bioinformatics, focusing on algorithm development, data integration, and software implementation. The biological system currently under investigation is breast cancer metastasis, a complex multi-step process during which tumor cells spread from the primary tumor mass to distant organs. To study the genetic and biochemical determinations of this deadly aspect of cancer progression, we analyze various microarray and sequencing profiles to discover its regulatory sub-networks, DNA binding of key regulators, and copy number variations during the progression.


Selected Publications

Please visit my lab website for the list of publications.


More Information About Dr. Zhengdong Zhang

ZDZ Laboratory Web Site

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Michael F. Price Center
1301 Morris Park Avenue , Room 353A
Bronx, NY 10461

Tel: 718.678.1139

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