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Jeremy L. Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. Jeremy L. Smith

Associate, Department of Radiology


Selected Publications


Bae ON, Rajanikant K, Min J, Smith JL, Baek SH, Serfozo K, Hejabian S, Lee KY, Kassab M, Majid A(2012) Lymphocyte cell kinase activation mediates neuroprotection during ischemic preconditioning, J Neurosci, 32(21):7278-86.

Kim N, Hulkower M, Park Y, Gardin T, Smith J, Branch CA, Lipton ML, Robust detection of white matter injury in individual patients after mild traumatic brain injury, 19th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (Conference Abstract), May 2011

Smith JL, Neurodynamics of Episodic Memory Consolidation (Doctoral Dissertation).  Lulu, 2008.

Passarotti AM, Smith JL, DeLano M, Huang J (2007) Developmental differences in the neural bases of the face inversion effect show progressive tuning of face-selective regions to the upright orientation, Neuroimage,  34(4)1708-22

Smith JL, Passarotti AM, Huang J, Investigation of binding processes with BOLD signal coherence analysis, 10th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (Conference Abstract), June 2004

Smith JL, Passarotti AM, Huang J, FMRI investigation of the binding problem in a working memory task, Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting (Conference Abstract), April 2004

Zemke D, Smith JL, Reeves MJ, and A Majid.  (2004)  Ischemia and ischemic tolerance in the brain: an overview.  Neurotoxicology 25(6):895-904



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