Faculty Profile

Dr. Susan E. Rubin, M.D.

Susan E. Rubin, M.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Family and Social Medicine

Professional Interests


Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Residency: Beth Israel Medical Center (Family Medicine)

Professional Activity

Dr. Susan Rubin is a family physician and clinical researcher whose research focuses on improving the quality of, and access to, reproductive health care in primary care. Currently she has a career development grant (NIH NICHD) to:

  1. explore primary care providers barriers and enablers to counseling and/or inserting long-acting reversible contraception (IUDs and single rod implant) for adolescents in the United States
  2. Develop interventions to increase the proportion of primary care providers who counsel and/or insert LARC for adolescents

Selected Publications


A. Original communications in reviewed journals

Rubin SE, Grumet S, Prine, L. Hospital religious affiliation and emergency contraceptive prescribing practices. American Journal of Public Health, 2006;96(8):1398-401.


DasGupta S, Fornari A, Geer K, Hahn L, Kumar V, Lee HJ, Rubin S, Gold M.  Medical Education for Social Justice: Paulo Freire Revisited. Journal of Medical Humanities, 2006;27(4).


Rubin, SE, Godfrey EM, Gold M. Patient Attitudes Toward Early Abortion Services in the Family Medicine Clinic.  Research letter in Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 2008;21(2):162-4.


Rubin, SE, Godfrey EM, Shapiro M, Gold M.  Urban female patients’ perceptions of the family medicine clinic as a site for abortion care. Contraception, 2009;80(2):174-179.


Godfrey E, Rubin SE, Smith E, Gold M.  Women’s perspectives of abortion in primary care.  Journal of Women’s Health, 2010; 19(8) 547-553.


Rubin SE, Winrob I. Urban female family medicine patients’ perceptions about intrauterine contraception. Journal of Women’s Health, 2010, 19(4): 735-740.


Rubin SE, Fletcher J, Segall-Gutierrez P, Stein T, Gold M.  Underuse of the IUD in contraceptive care and training. Family Medicine, 2010, 42(6): 386-387.


O'Sullivan LF, McKee DM, Rubin SE, Campos G. Primary care providers' reports of time alone and the provision of sexual health services to urban adolescent patients: results of a prospective card study. The Journal of Adolescent Health, 2010, 47(1):110-112.


Rubin SE, McKee DM, Campos G, O'Sullivan LF. Delivery of confidential care to adolescent males. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 2010, 23(6) 728-735.


McKee DM, Rubin SE, Campos G, O'Sullivan LF. Challenges of providing confidential care to adolescents in urban primary care: clinician perspectives. Annals of Family Medicine, 2011, 9(1) 37-43.


Rubin SE, Fletcher J, Stein T, Segall-Gutierrez P, Gold, M. Determinants of intrauterine contraception provision among U.S. family physicians: a national survey of knowledge, attitudes and practice. Contraception, 2011, 83(5) 472-478.


Rubin SE, McKee DM, Fletcher J, Alderman E, O'Sullivan LF. Testing adolescents for sexually transmitted infections in urban primary care practices: Results from a baseline study. Journal of Primary Care and Community Health, 2011, 2(3) 209-12. DOI 10.1177/2150131911401030


B. Book chapter

Hann L, Rubin S, Schaff EA.  “Newer Hormonal Methods: Contraceptive Patch” in Contraception, ed. by Parikar M, Gandhi AB, publication in India, 2006.


C. Letter to the Editor

Rubin, SE. Oral contraception-antibiotic interactions: opposing views. Journal of Family Practice.  2010, 59(10):554.

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