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Bojana Gligorijevic, Ph.D.

Dr. Bojana Gligorijevic

Professional Interests

I am interested in investigating the mechanisms of tumor cell intravasation by implementing established and developing new microscopy technologies, combined with advanced image analysis and modeling into a “systems microscopy” approach. My focus is on visualization and analysis of tumor cell behavior as it relates to tumor microenvironment and its spatial and temporal changes, including tissue remodeling by tumor cells themselves. Utilizing several novel microscopy-based techniques of my own combined with classical cell biology, I was led to interest in integrating interactions of tumor cells with extracellular matrix, macrophages, endothelial cells and pericytes into a systems-level network of biologically relevant in- and out- signals to decipher how these interactions lead to intravasation and subsequent metastasis. The goal I wish to achieve is to be able to predict tumor cell decisions, which are a dynamical, ever-changing outcome of multiple biomechanical and biochemical signals from different cell-based and matrix-based sources. I believe this approach will take me towards a detailed, mechanistic understanding of intravasation and metastasis, as well as direct me towards novel therapeutic targets within the tumor microenvironment. I think the ideal perspective is a result of the iteration between molecular and cell biology, imaging and computational/systems methods.


Selected Publications

Patent 20110296538: “In vivo quantitative screening test for anti-metastasis treatment efficiency”,inventors:D. Kedrin, B. Gligorijevic, J. Condeelis, J. Segall, J. van Rheenen

In submisssion B. Gligorijevic, A. Bergman*, J. Condeelis*, “Systems-behavior microscopy revealsmicroenvironments of tumor cell intravasation”, in submission

Publications B. Gligorijevic*, J. Wyckoff*, H. Yamaguchi, Y. Wang, J. Condeelis: “N-WASP-mediated invadopodium formation is involved in intravasation and lung metastasis of mammary tumors”, Journal of Cell Science (2012), 125:724-734

D. Entenberg, J. Wyckoff, B. Gligorijevic, E. T. Roussos, V.V.Verkhusha, J.Pollard, J. Condeelis “Setup and use of a two-laser multiphoton microscope for multichannel intravital fluorescence imaging”, Nature Protocols (2011), 6:1500–1520

T. Dovas, B. Gligorijevic, D. Entenberg, J. Condeelis, D.Cox, “Direct visualization of actin incorporation into podosomes and invadopodia structures”, PLoS ONE (2011), 6(2): e16485

E. T. Roussos, M. Balsamo, S. K. Alford, J. B. Wyckoff, B. Gligorijevic, Y. Wang, M. Pozzuto, R.Stobezki, S. Goswami, D. A. Lauffenburger, A.R. Bresnick,F. B. Gertler and J. S. Condeelis, “Mena invasive promotes multicellular streaming motility and transendothelial migration in a mouse model of breast cancer”, Journal of Cell Science (2011), 124:2120-2132

J. Hulit, D. Kedrin, B. Gligorijevic, D. Entenberg,  J. Wyckoff, J. Condeelis, and J.E. Segall, “The Use Of Fluorescent Proteins For Intravital Imaging Of Tumor Cell Invasion”, In Vivo Cellular Imaging Using Fluorescent Proteins, Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 872 Editor: R.M.Hoffman, Springer Science, NY (2012), Chapter 2

M. R. Padgen, W. K. Raja, J.K.Williams, B. Gligorijevic, J. Castracane, J. Condeelis Complementary approaches to investigating cancer cell dynamics in the tumor microenvironment Proceedings of SPIE (2011), 7929, 792905

W. K. Raja*, B. Gligorijevic*, J. Wyckoff, J. Condeelis, J.Castracane, “A new chemotaxis device for cell migration studies”, Integrative Biology  (2010) 2:696-706

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J. Wyckoff, B. Gligorijevic, D. Entenberg, J. E. Segall, J. Condeelis ”High-Resolution Multiphoton Imaging of Tumors in Vivo”, Live Cell Imaging: A Laboratory Manual, Eds.: D.L. Spector and R.D. Goldman. CSHL Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY (2010), Chapter 24:441-461

B. Gligorijevic, D. Entenberg, D. Kedrin, J. Condeelis, J. E. Segall, J. van Rheenen, ” Intravital imaging and photomanipulation of tumor intravasation microenvironment”, Microscopy Today (2010), 18:34-35

B. Gligorijevic, J. Condeelis, “Stretching the timescale of intravital imaging in tumors”, Cell Adhesion & Migration (2009), 3:4, 313-315

B. Gligorijevic, D. Entenberg, D. Kedrin, J. Condeelis, J. E. Segall, J. van Rheenen, ” Intravital imaging and photomanipulation of tumor intravasation microenvironment”, Microscopy and Microanalysis (2009), Supplement 2, 15:86-87

B. Gligorijevic, D. Kedrin, J. Condeelis, J. E. Segall, J. van Rheenen, ”Dendra2 photoswitching through the Mammary Imaging Window” J. Vis. Exp  (2009), 28, pii: 1278, doi: 10.3791/1278

W. K. Raja, B. Gligorijevic, J. Condeelis, J.Castracane, “A new diagnostic for cancer dynamics: status and initial tests for NANIVID”, Proceedings of SPIE (2009), 7207, 72070E

D. Kedrin*, B. Gligorijevic*, J. Wyckoff, V.V.Verkhusha, J. Condeelis, J. E. Segall, J. van Rheenen, ”Intravital imaging of metastatic cell behavior through an orthotopic Mammary Imaging Window” Nature Methods (2008),5:1019-1021 covered by BBC, Reuters health news and AECOM news     

W. K. Raja, N. C. Cady, J. Castracane, B. Gligorijevic, J. van Rheenen, J. Condeelis,” NANIVID: a new device for cancer cell migration studies” Proceedings of SPIE (2008), 6859, 68591M

B. Gligorijevic, K. Purdy, D. A. Elliott, R. A. Cooper and P. D. Roepe "Stage independent chloroquine resistance and chloroquine toxicity revealed via Spinning Disc Confocal Microscopy" Molecular Biochemical Parasitology (2008), 159(1):7-23

B. Gligorijevic, R. McAllister, J. Urbach and P. D. Roepe, "Spinning Disc Confocal Microscopy of malaria 1.Quantification of Hemozoin Development for Drug Sensitive versus Resistant Malaria", Biochemistry (2006), 45(42):12400 - 12410

B. Gligorijevic, T. N. Bennett, R. McAllister, J. S. Urbach and P. D. Roepe, "Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy of Live, Intraerythrocytic Malarial Parasites. 2. Altered Vacuolar Volume Regulation in Drug Resistant Malaria", Biochemistry (2006), 45(42):12411 – 12423. (Chosen “Hot Article of Biochemistry journal”, November 2006)

T. N. Bennett, M. Paguio, B. Gligorijevic, C. Sidieu, A. D. Kosar, E. Davidson, P. D. Roepe "Novel, Rapid and Inexpensive Cell- Based Quantitation of Antimalarial Drug Efficacy" Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (2004), 48(5):1807-1810.


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