Faculty Profile

Dr. David R. Entenberg, M.Sc.

David R. Entenberg, M.Sc.

Senior Associate, Department of Anatomy & Structural Biology

Director of Technological Development, Intravital Imaging Program and Gruss-Lipper Biophotonics Center, Department of Anatomy & Structural Biology

Professional Interests

My expertise lies in the design and development of novel instrumentation and imaging technologies for biological research.  With a background in laser based experimental quantum physics I brings skills in optical, mechanical, electrical, software and instrument design.

My previous work has included the design and development of several robotics-based high-throughput automated biological assays utilizing real time PCR and MALDI-TOF protocols, novel microscopes including a fast switching, muti-channel TIRF microscope, a video rate multiphoton microscope, and a two-laser, OPO based multiphoton microscope and several image analysis software packages to facilitate the analysis of cell motility and colocalization image data. 

My current projects have focused on developing and optimizing surgical techniques for expanding the utility of mouse models within intravital imaging.  This work has included mammary, abdominal, brain, lymphatic and lung imaging windows for studying cancer metastasis to secondary sites in vivo, as well surgically implantable photolithographic microdevices designed to directly alter the local (<300um) tumor microenvironment in vivo and during intravital imaging.

Selected Publications

  1. Arwert E, Harney AS, Entenberg D, Wang AY, Sahai E, Pollard JW, Condeelis J. (2016). Spatial and temporal aspects of macrophage subsets required for tumour cell intravasation. Cancer Research. Submitted
  2. Harney AS, Pignatelli J, Smith BD, Kadioglu E, Wise SC, Hood MM, Kaufman MD, Leary CB, Liu W-P, Al-Ani GC, X, Entenberg D, Oktay MH, Wang Y, Chun L, De Palma M, Jones JG, Flynn DL, Condeelis J. (2016). Rebastinib inhibits recruitment and function of TIE2 macrophages in metastatic breast cancer. Science Translational Medicine. In Revision.
  3. Karagiannis GS, Pastoriza JM, Wang AY, Harney AS, Entenberg D, Pignatelli J, Jones JG, Anampa J, Sparano JA, Rohan TE, Condeelis J, Oktay MH. (2016 ). Taxane chemotherapy induces Mena- and TMEM-mediated pro-metastatic changes in breast cancer microenvironment. Nature Medicine. In Revision.
  4. Williams J, Entenberg D, Wang Y, Padgen M, Clark A, Castracane J, Condeelis J. (2016). Validation of a device for the active manipulation of the tumor microenvironment during intravital imaging. Intravital. 5(2):e1182271.  PMID: 27790386 / PMCID: PMC5079288. (Co-First Author Publication)
  5. Wang H, Wang Y, Li J, Entenberg D, Wyckoff J, Yuan Z, Wang W, Condeelis J. (2016). Direct visualization of single hypoxic tumor cells in vivo using a new hypoxia probe. Intravital. 5(2):e1187803.  PMID: 27790387 / PMCID: PMC5079291.
  6. Szulczewski JM, Inman DR, Entenberg D, Aguirre-Ghiso JA, Castracane J, Condeelis J, Elicieri KW, Keely P. (2016). In Vivo Visualization of Stromal Macrophages via label-free FLIM-based metabolite imaging. Scientific Reports. 6:25086.  PMID: 27220760 / PMCID: PMC4879594.
  7. Rodriguez-Tirado C, Kitamura T, Kato Y, Pollard JW, Condeelis J, Entenberg D. (2016). Long-term high-resolution intravital microscopy in the lung with a vacuum stabilized imaging window. Journal of Visualized Experiments. (116). PMID: 27768066.
  8. Harper K, Sosa MS, Hosseini H, Entenberg D, Avivar-Valderas A, Nagi C, Davis RJ, Farias EF, Condeelis J, Klein C, Aguirre-Ghiso JA. (2016). Mechanism of early dissemination and metastasis by ErbB2+ breast “pre-malignant” cells. Nature. In Press.
  9. Harney AS, Condeelis J, Entenberg D. (2015). Extended time-lapse intravital imaging of real-time multicellular dynamics in the tumor microenvironment. Journal of Visualized Experiments. (112):e54042.  PMID: 27341448 / PMCID: PMC4927790.
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  15. Entenberg D, Rodriguez-Tirado C, Kato Y, Kitamura T, Pollard JW, Condeelis J. (2015). Subcellular resolution optical imaging in the lung reveals early metastatic proliferation and motility. Intravital. 4(3).  PMID: 26855844 / PMCID: PMC4737962.
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